Saturday, July 15, 2017

Pride Parade in the City - Tech companies galore

SF Pride - Hitech sign bw
It has been years since I haven't walked in a contingent at the SF Pride Parade. So when the opportunity at work came, I took it.

The Pride parade was huge. Lots of contingents especially representing companies around the SF Bay Area. Tech companies galore!

My coworkers and I were all gathering around 10:30am when we were told we were not supposed to start marching until 2 hours. So I took this chance to walk around the contingent area to check out which group are represented in this years Pride Parade. 

One thing I noticed was the proliferation of companies represented and lots of technology companies. I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing. Maybe the Pride parades have evolved to be more inclusive and this is the result of that? I also noticed that the pride contingent is definitely bigger this year compared to several years ago.

Here are the scenes from my walk around the contingent area. Enjoy!

Facebook contingent.
SF Pride - Hitech Facebook 

Microsoft contingent.
  SF Pride - Hitech Microsoft 

  SF Pride - Hitech Intel 

Credit Karma.
  SF Pride - Hitech Credit Karma 

  SF Pride - Hitech Square 

  SF Pride - Hitech Uber 

  SF Pride - Hitech Visa 

  SF Pride - Hitech Workday 

NASA Ames.
  SF Pride - Hitech NASA 

  SF Pride - Hitect Oracle 

  SF Pride - Hitech Airbnb 

  SF Pride - Hitech LinkedIn 

  SF Pride - Hitech Salesforce 

Pixar and Disney.
  SF Pride - Hitech Pixar

It would be interesting to fast from now what the Pride parades will looks like 10 years from now? We'll see.


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