Saturday, April 23, 2016

Everyday Coffee in the City - Tantalizing Turkish by Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee - Tantalizing Turkey bagMijo was out of the country, coincidentally, it was also the same time I ran out of coffee.  Since I was going to drink the coffee alone for the next three weeks, I got a little creative.

I tried a coffee blend called Tantalizing Turkish by Philz Coffee. For the last three weeks, I was enjoying the goodness of this full bodied coffee. I like this coffee.

Philz Coffee is everywhere in the city. Their location at the Hyatt Hotel on Market St. is the one I've been to the most because it is close to our downtown office. This is where I tried for several times their Tantalizing Turkish blend and I remember making a mental note that someday I'll buy a bag of this coffee so that I'd enjoy the coffee at home.
Philz Coffee - Tantalizing Turkey cafe
I finally brough home a bag of their Tantalizing Turkish blend last week. I opened the bag and the heady aroma quickly filled the air. The house started to smell like a coffee shop. I always check out the beans and appreciate the color and quality.
Philz Coffee - Tantalizing Turkey Beans 

My first cup was a coarse drip. In the Philz Coffee stores cardamom is added to a cup of Tantalizing Turkish. Even though I have ground cardomom at home, I decided not to add it so that I can fully taste the flavor of this coffee.
  Philz Coffee - Tantalizing Turkey Coarse grind 

Look at the foam this coffee makes. I am always fascinated looking at the coffee brewing process of my Mocha Master coffee maker. My first cup was nothing short of awesome. The coffee is full bodied and I was able to taste the hints of maple, bark and earthy flavors. This has been the coffee that I have been bringing with me every morning when I commute to work.
  Philz Coffee - Tantalizing Turkey Drip 

My next plan was the pairing. I paired it with my favorite onion bagels from Noah's Bagels.
Philz Coffee - Tantalizing Turkey Noahs Bagels bag

Last weekend, I planned to make the coffee using my French Press. The coffee got even more full bodied when drank alone and even better when paired.
  Philz Coffee - Tantalizing Turkey Press Bagels  Philz Coffee - Tantalizing Turkey French Press Philz Coffee - Tantalizing Turkey French Press Brew 

I paired my Frech pressed cup with an onion bagel from Noah's and ate outside the house in the garden. Perfect!
  Philz Coffee - Tantalizing Turkey Noahs Bagel garden 

Next, I paired the coffee with my favorite ensaimadas from Mary Grace Cafe.  Mijo brought them from his trip to Manila. Delicious!

Mary Grace Cafe - Box of Ensaimada 

  Philz Coffee - Tantalizing Turkey Ensaimada

Next, I paired the coffee with Salvadorean tamales. The pairing was bursting with flavors!
Philz Coffee - Tantalizing Turkey Tamales Noahs Bagel

I paired the coffee with Philippine goodies from the province of Bicol. The cookies were made with a nut from that province called Pili nuts. The earthy qualities of the coffee is even more hightened with the pairing.
  Philz Coffee - Tantalizing Turkey Pili Flakes

This morning, I paired it with a simple egg scramble and orange juice. Great breakfast.

Philz Coffee - Tantalizing Turkey breakfast 

This afternoon, I paired it with Momofuku Milk Bar cookies brought by my good friends Dinah and Karen from their recent NYC trip.

Philz Coffee - Tantalizing Turkey Momofuku cookies 

It was fun tasting this coffee. I definitely recommend the Tantalizing Turkish blend by Philz Coffee.


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