Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moving trains in the city

He noticed the shape of this man's left ear first and then he instantly felt a tinge of sadness. It reminded him of his father's big, wide lobed ears, which is almost out of proportion with the size of the face. After discreetly staring at the man, he realized that not only his features made him an an obvious look a like of his father but also the way he holds the newspaper, the way he raises the eye brows and he tilts his head back, the way he wears his reading glasses and the manner he clutches his bag. The man is a bit younger and a little more corporate and western in clothing compared to his father. He liked what he saw because this is how he imagined his father in a big city setting but he knows this is not going to happen. How he wished he had brought his father to the city for a visit, among other things, when he was still strong, healthy and living. While taking note of the time on his way out of the subway, he realized it is the 2nd of March. Suddenly, the chilly draft created by the moving trains starts to sting his eyes. ~rl

(The photo above is taken at the De Young Museum during the Flowers to Arts exhibition in San Francisco, CA).