Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cocktails in the City - TAP (415)

Tap 415 - Tap water by roland luistro, on Flickr
Mijo and I went to TAP415 twice last month while on break from the maddening Holiday shopping rush that engulfs Union Square every year.

We just wanted to break from the crowd but we discovered a new place to go for drinks. We like the cocktails at TAP415 and the food they serve with the drinks!

TAP415 is conveniently located Under the Dome at the San Francisco Center mall near Union Square. I wrote convenient because it was raining cold non-stop in the Bay Area in the beginning of December and TAP415 is just a stop on BART from our neighborhood. It is also a good meeting place for people like Mijo who work in downtown.

Tap 415 - Tap crowd

On our way to the Men's section of Bloomingdale's, Mijo noticed that there is a newly opened place where Cocola used to be. I suggested that we stopped by later for a quick drink and he obliged. 

Of course, there were lots of people inside because of the Holiday shopping season. The place is huge so the line went fast. We didn't wait a long time to get a table.

From their name TAP415, I assumed they serve really good tap beers. However, we decided to try their cocktails.  I liked both cocktails. Refreshing!

Mijo ordered the Pimms Cup No. 415 which is made of fresh celery, cucumber, cilantro, lemon,vodka, pimm’s no. 1, ginger ale. I decided to get the 415 Fizz which consists of distllery 209 gin, lemon, raspberries, seltzer water, egg whites, cream.  
Tap 415 - Pimms Cup No. 5 and 415 Fizz

On a separate visit, I decided to try a different drink. I ordered Slow Down which is peppery and full bodied. It is made of gin, blackberries, red bell pepper, lime, cracked pepper.
Tap 415 - Slow Down

Mijo ordered their Mojitos Annonymous which consists of silver rum, mint sorbet, lime sorbet, fresh mint. Both drink were very good!
Tap 415 - Mojitos Annonymous

Of course, Mijo and I cannot drink without pairing them with these amazing small dishes. I like that the dishes go well with drinks. For me, food is as equally important as the drinks being served. We both liked all the food we ordered on both occasions.

This is their Local California Cheese Selection.
Tap 415 - Local California Cheese Selection

I am assuming these Bacon Wrapped Mini Frankfurters go better with beer but they went well with my cocktails. These are addicting!
Tap 415 - Bacon Wrapped Mini Frankfurters

This is the TAP Fries. I tasted herbs and a bit parmesan. Delicious!
Tap 415 - Tap Fries

This is the Smoked Burger. The blue cheese and barbeque tastes were so good! I actually a couple next to us ordered this during our first visit to TAP415. I made a mental note to order this next time and we did. And I am glad we did!
Tap 415 - Smoked Hamburger

This is their Aged Cheddar Mac n Cheese and their Arbol Chile Mole Chicken Wings. Both have powerful tastes and a perfect pair to any drink.
Tap 415 - Mac n Cheese and Chicken Wings

Overall, Mijo and I like TAP415. This is probably going to be one of our go-to places near Union Square.
Tap 415 - Crowd


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