Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Text Message in the City

I unearthed some very old text messages the other day while cleaning up the computer. These files must have been created during the phone-to-computer sync up process. You can tell by the references to the musicale and the movie that this message is quite old. Plus, Mijo, D, A and I are all iPhone users now.

I hope D will still talk, err, text me after posting this.

D-Test from my new Treo.
Me-Hey new Treo dude, are we still on to see the Altar Boyz?
D-What's that?
D-Yah I am planning on it. I will have to pick up the tickets on Friday.
Me-Haha! Ok, new Treo dude. I work from home on Fridays.

The next day...
Me-Hey new Treo dude, do you just want to meet in front of the Orpheum tomorrow at 2pm?
D-Sure, how much do I owe you?
Me-The tickets are $40 each. We'll be there around 1:30pm. (of course, I've been late before haha!)
D-We are going to Pho if you are interested.
Me-We ate already. We're ready for desserts. We're also thinking of seeing 'The Host' at the Embarcadero.

D-Tomorrow... drunky.
Me-You too... tipsy.

The next day...
D-What are you wearing to this thing? Should we coordinate colors? I am thinking we stick to earth tones.
Me-Ok. Gray sweater on top of light blue shirt, jeans, black shoes, black trench coat.

After 30 mins...
D-We are on our way, 10 mins
Me-We're here.

p.s Also the musicale was terrible, but that was not the last one we saw together.


(The photo was taken after enjoying a visit to my favorite Salvadoran bakery, Pan Lido, on Capp and 22nd Sts.)