Thursday, October 01, 2015

Lunch in the City - Azalina's at The Market

Azalina's - Bar bw by roland luistro, on Flickr
We saw The Monstress at A.C.T.'s The Strand Theatre on Market St. After the play, we got hungry and decided to go get a late lunch slash early dinner at Azalina's at The Market.  

We loved the dishes we ordered. They reminded me of my travels to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Actually, we did not just go to Azalina's to eat. It was less straight forward than that. After seeing the play The Monstress on a Saturday afternoon, my good friend Dinah, Mijo and I were debating where to go to eat. Vietnamese was mentioned because there is a Vietnamese place one block from the theatre. The Martket near the Twitter HQ was also mentioned. We then walked to The Market and when we got there we were faced with more choices.

Azalina's - Scene

None of us have been to The Market. The Market is like an upscale food court inside a grocery store or the other way around. Lot of choices to eat there. There is a taco bar, a tapas bar, a pizzeria a salad bar for take outs, a Malaysian place. The grocery also sells cooked food by the weight. As you can see, we had to narrow down our choices.
Azalina's - Bar

Our unanimous choice was Azalina's. Azalina's serves Malaysian food. I had tried their food before, twice actually, at SF Chefs a few years ago. However, I have not been to any of their locations. This was the first time I've been to an Azalina's location.

I ordered this intensely flavorful Roasted Chicken Rice. I am sure it is called something else in Malay. It came with safron rice and the chili sauce is served on the side.
Azalina's - Roasted Chicken Rice

Mijo ordered Nasi Lemak (foreground) which is a beef curry on top of coconut rice. Dinah ordered Hokkien Mee (background) which is turmeric noodle and charred shrimp. Of course, we all shared the food so I was able to sample all three. Very tasty food. This is like being in Malaysia, Indonesia or Singapore.
Azalina's - Nasi Lemak Hokkien Mee

Here's an Azalina's sample dish that I tried at SF Chefs many years ago. It was a radish cake with chicken, green onion coconut aioli, raisin chili oil and blueberry kiwi pickle. It was as delicious as it was pretty.
Azalina's - SF Chefs Radish cake

Azalina's is inside The Market in San Francisco's Mid-Market neighborhood next to the Twitter headquarters.


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