Thursday, October 22, 2015

Farmer's Market in the City - Mission Farmer's Market

Mission Farmer's Market - Sign by roland luistro, on Flickr
I love that San Francisco is a city that loves fresh food and ingredients. There is practically a farmer's market in almost every neighborhood. 

Mijo and I enjoy doing our produce shopping and eating at farmer's markets. This time, Mijo and I dropped by the Mission Farmer's market. 

While the weather is still perfect for outdoor produce shopping, Mijo and I decided to check out the Mission Farmer's Market the other day. The Mission Farmer's Market is on 22nd St. between Valencia and Mission Sts. and happens every Thursday late afternoon. 
Mission Farmer's Market - Crowd 

Even though the city is dotted with farmer's markets, there is a unique experience I get when I visit a neighborhood farmer's market. The Mission Farmer's market is definitely unique with its ultra urban setting and live music and a small stage. While it is on the smallish size, I found the Mission scene vibrant and having a party atmosphere. Even though we've only traveled one Bart station, I felt like I was a tourist.
Mission Farmer's Market - Music stage

The usual suspects are there. Fresh fruits, vegetables and produce from nearby farms, cheeses and sauces from local shops and food and drinks.
  Mission Farmer's Market - Apples Mission Farmer's Market - Squash 
  Mission Farmer's Market - Potatoes 

Since we were there, Mijo and I decided to get something for dinner. There was a shop selling Man'oushe. Man'oushe is a flatbread kind of like a cross between crepe and roti. It is savory and with a choice of meat and vegetable toppings. 
  Mission Farmer's Market - Man'oushe Mission Farmer's Market - Man'oushe maker

We also decided to get a half rotisserie chicken with potatoes.
Mission Farmer's Market - Rotisserie Chicken Mission Farmer's Market - Rotisserie Chicken dinner

For dessert, we tried this cold treat called Mangonada. It is mango sorbet with tamarind sauce and spices.
Mission Farmer's Market - Mangonada Mission Farmer's Market - Mangonada serving

For coffee later, there is a shop selling pastries and breads.
Mission Farmer's Market - Marla Bakery

For home movie later that evening, there was a shop selling kettle corn.
Mission Farmer's Market - Kettlecorn 

We truly enjoyed the Mission Farmer's Market. 
Until the next farmer's market in the city.


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