Monday, November 09, 2015

Musical in the City - Once

Once - SHN by roland luistro, on Flickr
Once The Musical traveled to San Francisco and was only here for two weeks. Thanks to my good friend Dinah's timely reminder, Mijo and I was able to see it.

The music and songs will make you fall in love all over again. Mijo and I totally enjoyed the musical.

We went to see the last day of their show. It was on a Sunday afternoon. Dinah and I met infront of the Orpheum Theatre to get our tickets.  We went to lunch after that and then and met up with Mijo before the 2pm show.
Once - Posters

The main characters are called Guy and Girl. They have great chemistry and both of them love music deeply. Guy is a Dublin street musician and Girl is a foreigner living in Dublin. I haven't seen the movie so I didn't know the story before going to the show. Let me just say that I was surprised about the ending. After so much chemisty together? Such a bummer, at least, that's the way I saw it.
Once - Rush tickets line

The set is a bar that doubles as a city street, Girl's home, Guy's home, etc. It was such an economical way to reuse props, in my opinion. Speaking of economical, the actors and actresses also doubled as musicians. I don't know if they had additional musicians under the stage. If they didn't, the actors and actresses slash musicians did a very good job! There were a couple of times Guy's strings broke in the middle of a performance but he continued without a hitch. Everyone did a great job!
Once - Intermission

Guy was played by Stuart Ward, the same actor that played Guy in the West End edition of Once The Musical. Girl was played by Dani de Waal. The characters had strong chemistry, acted superbly and sang and played their songs wonderfully!
Once - Orheum Theatre

The soundtract music was good too. The sounds of the stringed instruments are dizzying. I added them in my playlist for this week.

I absolutely recommend Once The Musical as a to-see musical.


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