Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Brunch in the East Bay – Corners Tavern

Corners Tavern - Table What do you do when your friends who are super busy were suddenly available one weekend? In my case, I’d take that moment to meet up with them for a delightful brunch. That’s exactly what I did and met up with Dinah and Karen.

There is this new-ish restaurant bar that Dinah wanted to try called Corners Tavern. Once again, Dinah suggested an overall great place – maybe minus the rocking table and the flies.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Baseball in the City - SF Giants are World Series champions again!

SF Giants 2012 World Series - FlagI heard someone said that winning the World Series is an experience for a generation.  You'd believe that wholeheartedly if you are a fan of baseball. 

And the San Francisco Giants have won twice in a span of only three years! And the way they won during the playoff season was super torture but showbiz worthy as if someone has written a script for them.

Congratulations SF Giants and welcome to the best party in baseball.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Everyday Wine in the City - Beringer 2003 Merlot Napa Valley

Beringer Napa Valley 2003 MerlotThe bottles of wines we paired with our home meals in the past weeks were forgettable except for this one - 2003 Beringer Merlot. Claudia, Mijo's sister, brought this bottle a few years ago.

We opened this bottle on the evening of World Series Game 1.

I sort of knew that this bottle was going to be a good one. Plus, I think we also got lucky with the food that we paired with this bottle that evening. On top of good wine, good take-out food and the best companion in the entire world Mijo, the SF Giants won that evening!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Brunch in the City - Wayfare Tavern

Wayfare Tavern - RestaurantMy foodie friend Dinah had mentioned before that star chef Tyler Florence opened a restaurant in the city called Wayfare Tavern. She also mentioned about how wildly popular are their fried chickens. I remember that as soon as I heard the word fried chicken, my ears suddenly refused to listen anymore about the restaurant. I was like, seriously? Fried chicken? Though I did put it in my To Try list since I truly trust Dinah about her restaurant choices.

So she and I finally went there for a brunch one weekend and how wrong was I about their fried chicken!  Dinah's one word is... s u b l i m e.