Sunday, November 04, 2012

Brunch in the City - Wayfare Tavern

Wayfare Tavern - RestaurantMy foodie friend Dinah had mentioned before that star chef Tyler Florence opened a restaurant in the city called Wayfare Tavern. She also mentioned about how wildly popular are their fried chickens. I remember that as soon as I heard the word fried chicken, my ears suddenly refused to listen anymore about the restaurant. I was like, seriously? Fried chicken? Though I did put it in my To Try list since I truly trust Dinah about her restaurant choices.

So she and I finally went there for a brunch one weekend and how wrong was I about their fried chicken!  Dinah's one word is... s u b l i m e.

I noticed their wood and leather interior and booths and their huge bar as soon as we stepped inside the restaurant. They sat us right away and next to the fireplace. The lunch menu is classy and readable and fits on one page. 

These were the items we ordered and shared.

Wayfare Tavern - Pop over
These are pop (or puff?) overs and they are compliments of the restaurant. They are airy, puffy breads in the league of gougère sans the cheese and without hints of herbs so you can actually taste the bread. Flaky on the outside, puffy and moist on the inside and perfect with butter. They were so tasty that we had seconds. Though not on the menu, we ordered two glasses of mimosas.

Wayfare Tavern - Ahi Tuna Carpaccio 
We shared an order of their Ahi Tuna Carpaccio which includes petite potatoes, sea bean salsa verde, artichoke, boquerones, saffron aioli. It was delicious and each ingredient blended well. There was one vegetable that we got curious about because of its stubby and twiggy shape. It tastes like a cross between chinese brocolli and japanese long beans but a little nutty. We later learned that the vegetable is called a sea bean.

  Wayfare Tavern - Organic Fried Chicken 
This is their Organic Fried Chicken which includes buttermilk brine, roasted garlic, crisp woody herbs, lemon. Can I called this Designer Fried Chicken? This delicious fried chicken is well cooked but not over cooked. The taste has hints of garlic and herbs but no herbs stood out because Dinah and I were guessing the taste. It looked so simple yet the taste rocked both of us that I forgot to ask for a Tabasco sauce. The chicken is garnished with fried thyme and salt and herbs. My mouth is watering while I write these words. 

    Wayfare Tavern - Mac and Cheese
This is their Baked Macaroni and Cheese which includes vella dry jack and smoked olive oil. This is very good and a very good pair with our fried chicken. The pasta is al dente and the cheese perfectly toasty on the outside.

Wayfare Tavern - Plate
Viola! This is what my plate looked like. 

Wayfare Tavern - Kitchen
This is where the amazing dishes are prepared.

Wayfare Tavern - Chocolate dessert
Dinah and I decided we won't eat all the entrees we ordered because the servings are big enough to make you full right away and also because we want to try an item off their dessert menu.  This is the Chocolate Cream pie which includes TCHO (a local chocolatier) chocolate pudding, salty caramel ganache, devils food cake. The coffee is served individually in a coffee perculator and this is why the coffee was fresh.

Thanks Dinah for planning this and calling to make the reservations. :)  Karen, we totally miss you but we did think of you while we gorge the food.  

I will definitely take Mijo to this restaurant next year.


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