Saturday, June 06, 2009

Ballet in the City

I don’t consider myself a fan of ballet but I thought the ballerina’s performance in Lar Lubovitch's My Funny Valentine was brilliantly executed. Clean lines, dizzying swirls, elegant rhythm. That night was supposed to be the artiste’s retirement gala, the reason why the company’s former and current principal dancers were present at the War Memorial Opera House. I now remember how I got convinced to come see the show. After the second number, in the midst of all the clapping, my mind started wandering. I was deeply moved by what I had just witnessed. Such a remarkable talent! At the same time, I thought it is sad that this is the first and the only time I am going to see her perform. Should I even be here? It is right for me to be here? It felt awkward. It was like crashing into a total stranger’s retirement party. Technically and unfortunately, this was exactly what I did.
I tried to brush off my thoughts and tried to focus on the next dances which provided me a glimpse of the ballerina's extraordinary career.
To Tina LeBlanc, best wishes to you as you embark on the next chapter of your life. It was a pleasure watching you perform.
(The photo above was taken at the lobby of the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco, CA).