Saturday, October 28, 2006

This heart is already taken

Glen Park
I found a letter on the front steps as I was leaving home for work. I noticed the handwriting was strangely familiar. I've seen this before. It seems similar to the first letter I found on the same spot not too long ago. It was a very short note, I remember.

Was this supposed to be for me, for someone else?

All the things you wrote, that was kind of you. That was actually beyond kindness because while I think I am a reasonable person, you don't know me personally.

Are you a neighbor I haven't officially met yet? Are you the lean jogger who runs around the neighborhood every evening and says 'hi' to me while I water our young tree on the side walk? Or the charming dog owner at the neighborhood park who returned my tennis ball with a cheery smile? Are you the home owner on the adjacent street who asked what I think about the paint job on your garage door? Or the dressy, chatty fellow who takes the same train in the morning?

The letters, those thoughtful words, they're not meant for me. Someday you'll find that special someone who you will write about and will offer those verses to.

Whoever you are, I hope you'll stay as friendly as you are now. I wish you all the best.

This heart is already taken.
(The picture was taken in San Francisco's sleepy Glen Park with the view of the Excelsior District of the city on a perfect Fall evening.)

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Anonymous said...

yung asawa mo yan, hinuhuli ka lang if meron kang iba.