Sunday, July 01, 2012

Musical in the City - American Idiot

American Idiot - TicketI missed the World Premiere of the musical American Idiot at Berkeley Rep in 2009. I remember another musical, The Wicked, was back in town and was playing at the same time as  American Idiot. I had missed The Wicked when it had its World Premiere in  San Francisco years ago and I was not going to miss it again. So in 2009, I had to make a choice between the two musicals. Why did they both have to be playing at the same season?

After over two years, American Idiot is back in the Bay Area and I was not going to miss it again even if there was another equally good musical playing at the same time.  I went, I saw and I liked it!

American Idiot - WallFirst, thanks to because we got tickets for orchestra seat for a very reasonable price. The view from our seats was great too. This musical is a story of three bestfriends friends, Johnny, Will and Tunny, who are coming to an age where they have to choose between their dreams and the real life amidst wars, corporate greed and economic downturn.

American Idiot - Orpheum Theatre
The musical started with an explosive opening scene where all the main cast and the ensemble sang and performed American Idiot by the rock band Green Day. The grungy and urban stage set and that opening number gave me a Rent vibe though I was hoping that this musical will be something different. I was hoping that the musical is not just about angst and politically charged agenda. I am happy to announce that the musical is so much more than that. There is acceptance, romance and hope.

American Idiot - The End
Jonny was played by Van Hughes, Will by Jake Epstein and Tunny by Scott J. Campbell. I like the Extraordinary Girl because they added a kindof acrobatic acts into the scene where both Tunny and the XO girl are flying high on air while singing. I think Tunny is supposed to be in a dream in that scene. I also enjoyed Wake Me Up When September Ends scene. I just get lost in the guitars and the harmony of the three bestfriends.

American Idiot runs through July 8, 2012 at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco.



When we have tickets for a show around Union Square we usually go to our friendly neighborhood pizzeria Gialina for the preshow dinner. This was our light dinner. :)

Glazed pork belly paired with Primitivo by Primatera.
  Gialina - Pork Belly

Amatriciana pizza - tomato, pancetta, chillies, oregano, pecorino and farm egg.Gialina - Amatriciana

Chocolate Pistachio Cake with whipped cream.
  Gialina - Hazelnut cake

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