Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Everyday Coffee in the City - San Francisco Bay Rainforest Blend

Everyday Coffee - San Francisco Bay Rainforest BlendThis week, we have started sampling a new bag of coffee called San Francisco Bay Certified Organic Rainforest blend. You probably haven't heard of this brand unless you live in San Francisco and shop at Costco. 

Having bought bags of coffee beans from local coffee houses and roasting companies, I was debating whether to get this coffee for use at home. Is there anything to romanticize about this coffee brand that people buy in bulk?  The company is local and we needed coffee immediately so we bought it. Guess what? This coffee maybe unassumming and comes in bulk but it packs with great flavor! I am glad we decided to get it.

Everyday Coffee - San Francisco Bay Rainforest Blend BeansBefore discovering its wonderful flavors, I misjudged this coffee gravely. First, the packaging is not paper but clear plastic bag. I also have this generalization that anything you buy in bulk is all about quantity and not quality. And then I saw the beans through the clear bag. The coffee beans are not uniformly sized - some of them small and some smaller. In fact, some of them are visibly broken and cracked.

Everyday Coffee - San Francisco Bay Rainforest Blend DripThings were not looking well until I opened the bag. The kitchen smelled like a cafe because the aroma of coffee immediately filled the room. 

Can you imagine when I started grinding the beans? The smell is what I call caramelicious! And when I started making the syrupy coffee? Amazing!

Here are my notes:
Coffee Origin/Name: Arabica from  Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia and Indonesia
Roaster: Rogers Family Coffee Company
Producer: not indicated
Roast Date: not indicated
Brew Method: Drip, French press, and espresso
Sampled: Month of July 2012

Aside from its great taste and flavor, another good thing about this coffee is that it is certified organic. The roasting company is a fair direct trade which means they buy directly from farmers they know and at a fairer price. They also support sustainable coffee farming. Did I mention the price we paid for this bag of coffee? 

We are probably going to be drinking this coffee in the next two or three months but I think the story will end well because there is something to romanticize about this coffee after all.


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