Monday, January 21, 2013

Everyday Coffee in the City - Cafe Amadeo Pahimis blend

Cafe Amadeo - Pahimis BlendThis week, we are sampling a new bag of coffee called Pahimis Blend by Cafe Amadeo. This blend is from the province of Cavite in the Philippines.  My friend from highschool Lira introduced me to Cafe Amadeo's Pahimis blend years ago when she gave me a bag for Christmas. 

I saw this bag of coffee at a supermarket during my vacation in the Philippines last November, so I decided I'll bring one back to the States.

I got this bag from Rustan's supermarket on Paseo de Roxas in Makati. Back in the States, we decided to open this bag right away because we finished the San Francisco Rainforest blend that we started consuming in July last year. 

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Cafe Amadeo - Whole bean bag

The one that Lira gave me years ago came in a burlap bag which is perfect as gifts or giveaways. The one I bought from Rustan's is in a transparent plastic bag but the same logo of Cafe Amadeo is printed on the package. However modest its packaging maybe, but the aroma escapes right away as soon as I opened the package. Same coffee aroma with some hints of caramel, nuts and smoke.
I've started drinking my coffee black. This means no milk and no sugar added. This way, I'll be able to smell and taste the coffee as it is. I use two teaspoons of ground coffee per cup of water using my Mocamaster coffee maker. I think it tastes great this way but I am still in the process of experimenting on the ratio. This coffee has the right amount of nutty and smoky taste that is usually present in coffee from the Philippines. Mijo and I think this coffee is good to very good. If I had a cafe in the city, I'd use this blend as one of my coffees.

Here are my notes:
Coffee Origin/Name: not indicated
Roaster: Cafe Amadeo
Producer: Cafe Amadeo
Roast Date: not indicated
Brew Method: Drip
Sampled: Month of January 2013

Cafe Amadeo - Panetonne
Here, I paired the Pahimis blend with a semi sweet panetonne bread. 

Cafe Amadeo - Lengua de Gato

Here, I paired the Pahimis with Japanese butter cookies I brought during our stop over in Tokyo's Narita airport.


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