Friday, April 20, 2012

Everyday Wine in the City - Ormanni Chianti Classico

Everyday Wine - Ormanni Chianti ClassicoLast week, we opened one of the bottles of wine that we brought with us from our trip to Florence. I guess, we were too excited to open a bottle because it has only been two weeks since we came back from Italy. We got this bottle from a wine bar on Via Borgo San Lorenzo called Borgovino. It was super delicious so we thought of bringing a bottle with us to the States.

We paired it with a round soft goat cheese with truffles that we also bought from a store called Borgo which is across the street from the winebar. Apparently, the winebar and that food store are owned by the same family. The owners are super friendly!
 Everyday Wine - Ormanni Chianti Classico
Here are my notes:

Tasting Date: week of April 2, 2012
Tasting Partners: Mijo
Wine Name: Ormanni Riserva Borro del Diavolo
Producer: Ormanni
Region/Appelation: Tuscany/Chianti Classico (Italy)
Grape Varieties: 100% Sangiovese
Vintage: 2007
Alcohol: not indicated
Color Hue: dark red
Aroma Intensity: mild fruits
Developments: medium body
Aromas: cherry, mango, peach, mushroom
Dry/Sweet: less sweet
Body: medium body
Acidity: low acid
Tannins: low level
Flavors: cherry, mango, mushroom, pepper



Anonymous said...

I live in Florence. Ormanni is one of the rare example of truth and original Chianti Classico no barrique no merlot-cabernet blendend no international style! Only the truly taste of Sangiovese. Impossible to explain!
And Generini's Famila are lovley!
"Humans" not "turist eater"!
Un Grande Saluto da Firenze

Roland Luistro said...

thanks for visiting my blog. i absolutely enjoyed drinking the ormanni chianti classico. when i was in florence last year, i only drank chianti classico wines which are 100% sangiovese. loved it! i wonder if the ormanni winery hosts wine tastings? that would be a great destination when i visit florence again in the future. ciao!