Saturday, April 28, 2012

Musical in the City - Monty Python's SPAMALOT

Spamalot - After the ShowMijo and I saw the musical Spamalot last week and it is probably the funniest musical we've seen since Avenue Q. Though I don't humm any of their songs the way I sometimes do from the more popular and memorable musicals, I think Spamalot is very entertaining. 

There was a time when the crowd couldn't stop laughing because the scene was too funny. This is my kind of show!

Spamalot - View from Will Call
This was the second time that the US touring company of Monty Python's Spamalot has performed in San Francisco. I remember my friend Dinah, who is a musical and play enthusiast, skipping this musical because she does not think highly of comic musicals. I sort of agreed with her after seeing another musical called The Altar Boyz. I thought it puts Broadway shows to a lower level. It kind of cheapens the whole experience. Anyway, Mijo and I got this deal from Goldstar so we thought why not. Why not give this musical a chance? We did and we got surprised in a good way.

Spamalot - End of performanceThe set, the performance, and the musical talent of the actors and actresses are high quality. I can say this is a totally legit Broadway show. The show is a Tony Award winner, afterall. Arthur Rowan was very good and engaging as King Arthur. Brittany Woodrow played The Lady of the Lake and her voice was amazing. She makes great singing look so easy. For me, Act I was the funniest but Act II was the more entertaining. My favorite scene was the Lady of Lake and the Laker Girls Come With Me.  At the near end of the show, there was a part where they have to find the Holy Grail and it is hiding under one of the Orchestra seats. The lady sitting on that seat was picked and was asked to come up on stage and have her pictures taken with the cast. How lucky was that? Anyway, I bought the original cast album and maybe I'll have time to listen to them one of these days. I have to admit, I didn't get why the title is Spamalot. 

If you see this show touring in your city, I recommend seeing it because it is very entertaining. 


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