Friday, April 06, 2012

Cocktails in the City - Seasons Bar and Lounge at The Four Seasons Hotel

The good thing about living in the city is the easy access to places serving good mixed drinks at the same time having good vibe.

Cocktail in the City - Lychee MartiniI've been wanting to try out the happy hour outside of our usual venues in the Castro, Mission and West Portal. Though I've had drinks at the Fifth Floor, St. Francis and the Hilton and other places, I have not been paying much attention on what I drink. So for the first time, I'll be posting my cocktails in San Francisco. Let me share you my good experience at the Seasons Bar and Lounge at The Four Seasons Hotel on Market St.

Going to Seasons Bar and Lounge was not our idea but our friends Jim and Jose's. We went there on a Thursday evening. The photo on the left is Seasons' signature Lychee Martini served with a complimentary combo of chili almonds and wasabi nuts. I thought the cocktail was a bit strong and fruity but not overwhemmingly sweet and with a hint of lychee and pineapple . I tried Mijo's Lemongrass Martini which was also good with a subtle tangy taste. I find the two cocktails well made and of good quality since I did not get a headache the next day.

Cocktail in the City - Chips
This is their House Made Chips with Truffle, Parmesan and Herbs. Since Mijo and I haven't had anything to eat that night, we ordered a few items because we didn't want to drink with an empty stomach. This house chips is so delicious because the natural flavors mixed together wonderfully well and it does not overwhelm our drinks. Perfect pairing!
 Cocktail in the City - Croquette
Jim and Jose ordered the Crisp Pork Rillette with Violet Mustard. Of course, Mijo and I  sampled this one also. It was good eventhough they don't give you a lot. In case you are wondering, Jim also ordered the Lychee Martini and Jose the Lemongrass Martini.
 Cocktail in the City - Bar scene
I like Seasons. It is easy to get to - just a block from the Powell St. BART and Muni stations. Since is it inside the Four Seasons Hotel, it gives that decadent and classy feel. We took the elevator one floor up from the hotel's Market Street entrance and we were greeted by a cozy bar with plush chairs freshly dressed doormen. The happy hour crowd is a bunch of grown ups and none of those racous and loud people. The service was good and our servers were very attentive.


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