Sunday, April 15, 2012

Play in the City - Maple and Vine

Play in the City - Maple and Vine posterWe saw the play Maple and Vine at the American Conservatory Theatre on Wednesday night. This is so not us since we don't usually go out during the week (though we generally stay out late starting Thursday). We made an exception because of a good ticket deal plus it was OUT Night at A.C.T. right after the performance.

Anyway, the play has an interesting subject, it was pretty well acted and it contains a good dose of drama and comedy. We totally enjoyed it!

Play in the City - Maple and Vine TicketThe play is about a very busy young couple, Katha and Ryu, who live in the big city and who recently discovered a community of 1955 reenactors. It is a community where the residents live like it is 1955. This means that they are cut from the modern niceties we now all have including the internet, cell phones, cable tv and noveau cuisine. They also have to talk, dress, and look like it is 1955. All in the spirit of having an authentic experience. Think of The Stepford Wives. The couple suddenly became fascinated with the idea of going back to the much simplier life that they agreed to try it out for 6 months. In exchange, they would have to face situations regarding racism, gender roles, sex and other issues in that era. 

I think the story is very imaginative and timely. This play touches close to home that it made me realize a lot of things including how I deal with stress and the things I do to escape the hectic grind of modern everyday life. I do long for the simplier life sometimes. I was also reminded that we as a generation, have come a long way, because we now enjoy more freedom and acceptance thanks to the previous generations that paved the way.

Kudos to the cast because they did a great job. Katha was played by Emily Donahue; Ryu by Nelson Lee; Dean by Jamison Jones, Ellen/Jenna by Julia Coffer and Omar/Roger was played by Danny Bernardy. The play was written by Jordan Harrison and directed by Mark Rucker.

Right after the play, the theatre hosted an OUT Night party with a 50's theme complete with vodka based cocktail punch and Midwest inpired appetizers of sausages and barbeque sauce, corn muffins and meatloaf. The cast also went downstairs for a meet and greet. They look so young upclose!  While a friend Joe Tibbs was able to get all their autographs, I turned all shy to ask for a group picture. I promise I'll do a better job next time.

Maple and Vine is currently playing at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco through April 22, 2012.


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