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Bakery in the City - Pan Lido

Pan Lido - Box of breads by roland luistro, on FlickrI love bakeries and their freshly baked breads. I also enjoy going to bakeries and get a whiff of oven fresh aroma.

San Francisco has lots of supply of bakeries and one of my favorites is Pan Lido. We go there to get our Salvadorean bread fix.

We were in the Mission District running some errands on the weekend so Mijo and I decided we drop-by our favorite bakery since we were nearby already.  Pan Lido is one of our go to bakeries.

From a few feet away from the door, I could smell the sweet aroma of freshly baked breads. In Mijo's native tongue, a bakery is called panaderia. The Mission district is peppered with panaderias. Pan Lido is a panaderia especializing in Salvadorean breads.

Pan Lido - Store front 

Mijo tells me he's been getting breads at this bakery since the 80s. He also thinks that the breads taste the same to the ones he's used to eat in El Salvador. I've been to this bakery many times and each time I come here always brings me back to my first ever trip to El Salvador. It is also never easy to choose which breads to try next because they are all good.

  Pan Lido - Menu 
  Pan Lido - Hard to choose Pan Lido - Breads galore

 Growing up in the Philippines, panaderias are also a fabric of the neighborhoods or, barangay in Tagalog. I grew up getting our breads from a local bakery so panaderias are not new to me. Though there is a slight difference in the looks and tastes of the breads, going to the panaderias in the Mission District is such a trip for me.

Mijo has his favorite selections and I have mine as well.  I always try to order in what little Spanish I speak, although, you don't have to speak Spanish to order.
"Me gustaria ordener dos tortas, por favor.
Y budin tambien, por favor."
Of course, my looks give it away that I am not Salvadorean.
Their staff is always courteous and smiles and approves of my broken Spanish.

Pan Lido - Box full of breads

My favorites are Torta de Pasas and Budin though, I usually try something new. 
The Torta de Pasas are very tasty raisin bread and a little moist. The Budin is like a very moist and creamy bread pudding but topped with caramel.

Pan Lido - Breads Torta de Pasas

Pan Lido - Breads budin

I've tried so many things from this bakery. I also like the semitas. They come with preserved pineapple filling. The quesadilla, or cheese bread, comes in small round cup cake size and sometimes they come in block sizes. Pan Lido also sells very good Salvadorean tamales.
Pan Lido - Breads favorites
Pan Lido - Breads semita Pan Lido - Breads quesadilla 
  Pan Lido - Breads orejas Pan Lido - Breads viejitas 

The breads are paired perfectly with local coffees. At home, we like to pair them with Peet's Major Dickason blend.
  Pan Lido - Pairing 

  Pan Lido - More pairing

I wish they served hot beverages and had tables and chairs so people can linger at the bakery.
For now, I'll enjoy their bread at home.

Pan Lido is on 22nd Street and Capp Street in San Francisco's Mission District.


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