Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Neigborhood in the City - A stroll through North Beach

North Beach - Washington Square by roland luistro, on FlickrAs part of our staycation, Mijo and I decided to have a light lunch in North Beach. We've been wanting to try the food at The Italian Homemade Company.

Since we were staycationing, we also played tourists by strolling through the neighborhood before we had lunch. That day was both a feast on the eyes and the taste buds!

North Beach is one of those neighborhoods that I rarely go to except when I am hosting out of town friends and family. The last time I was in North Beach was when my mom visited from Manila in September a year ago. 
North Beach - Where is North Beach?

It is a cute neighborhood and is also called Little Italy. Lots to see in this part of town that is why lots of tourists roam this area. The cafe culture is well and alive in North Beach it is perfect when I just want to relax. For me, just walking on the streets of this neighborhood takes me somewhere in Italy.

Before Mijo and I had lunch at The Italian Homemade Company, we decided to do a quick stroll through the neighborhood. We found parking somewhere on Filbert St. From there, we walked up and down on Columbus Ave..

On Columbus St. between Filbert and Union Sts. is where you'll find Washington Square Park. To me, this is the center of North Beach. It reminds of plazas or squares in Italy which is similarly surrounded by restaurants and cafes. They hold outdoor movies here during summer. The church of Peter and Paul is in the background. Artists display their arts on the Union St. side of the park.
North Beach - Washington Square 
  North Beach - Washington Square St. Peter and Paul church 

Here are move views of the park. The Coit Tower can be seen on the background of the picture on the left.
North Beach - Washington Square and Coit TowerNorth Beach - Washington Square statue

One of my favorite views of the city can be seen from the corner of Columbus and Broadway Avenues. I love the contrast of the old and the new here.
North Beach - Columbus St 

Another favorite of mine found in this neighborhood is an outdoor art installation called The Language of the Birds by artist Brian Goggin with Dorka Keehn.  Look up and down on the corner of Columbus, Grant and Broadway Aves. 
North Beach - Language of the BirdsNorth Beach - Language of the Birds upscale

The Stinking Rose is a popular place on my list for out of towner friends and family. They serve anything with garlic. So if you love garlic, this is the place!
  North Beach - Stinking Rose 

As I mentioned earlier, the cafe scene here is alive and well. Most of the cafe and restaurants have al fresco dining options. If you want a good fresh Italian dish or Italian pastry you can find it here.
   North Beach - Caffe Trieste Vesuvio Cafe 
  North Beach - Al fresco dining mamas North Beach cafes North Beach - Italian pastries North Beach - Victoria Pastry Co pastries

Finally, we reached our destination. I'll blog about our experience at The Italian Homemade when I get a chance this week. For now, all I can tell you is that we loved the homey feel of the place and their fresh and unassuming food and friendly service.
North Beach - Italian Homemade Company

All in all, we enjoyed our staycation in the city. In fact, we usually do.


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