Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Cafe in the City - Pebble's Cafe in Glen Park

Pebbles Cafe - Kern St It is time to feature another one of my favorite cafes in the city. This cafe is called Pebbles Cafe in San Francisco's Glen Park neighborhood. It is very close to the Glen Park BART station so if you take BART to work, this cafe is worth a stop in the morning.

This is where we Mijo and I go to share a nice warm and toasted bagel and coffee whenever we have time to spare before we go to work. The service is warm and super friendly.

I've only been to Pebble's Cafe for breakfast, though their menu also includes a lunch menu and sandwiches. They serve coffee from a local roaster Caffe Trieste. I like the setup of this cafe because it is cozy with ample tables and chairs and two large tables by the window.
Pebbles Cafe - Ham Egg Cheese Bagel

On a non-busy day like a Thurday or a Friday, this is what Mijo and I share over coffee. We also pair this bagel with a danish, a sweet pastry, or a muffin.
Pebbles Cafe - Coffee and Bagel 

Unlike us who shuffles cafes that we go to, the patrons at Pebbles Cafe look like they are regular and very loyal customers.  And they seem to know each other, at least the morning folks I see whenever we are there. Sheena and the rest of the Pebbles Cafe staff are super friendly. They always greet you with a friendly smile. 
  Pebbles Cafe - Cafe

I guess I can consider Mijo and I pretty regular to Pebble's Cafe. We've been going to this cafe ever since we moved to Glen Park. So that is at least twice a month in the last nine years. So do the math. This is what the bagel looks like halved.
Pebbles Cafe - Split Bagel 

Our favorite brew is their French roast coffee. Sometimes we get the Colombian. They also serve a hazelnut mocha blend coffee.
  Pebbles Cafe - Coffee and Half Bagel

Pebble's Cafe is in Glen Park near the Glen Park BART station on the corner of Diamond St. and Kern.


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