Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cocktails in the Peninsula - Puerto 27 Peruvian Kitchen and Pisco Bar

Cocktails in the City - Puerto 27 pisco sour classicoWe've been having great weather lately. When I say great weather, I mean no fog. Summer in San Francisco is normally cold because of the fog or the thick marine layer.

I came home from work one Wednesday evening and there was no fog. Mijo suggested that we don't cook that evening and go somewhere close to the water. We drove south to a nearby town of Pacifica and to a restaurant called Puerto 27. Happy Hour came early that week!

Sometimes, I surprise myself on how I can be spontaneous. When Mijo suggested we go to Pacifica for drinks and light dinner, I didn't have any second thoughts. This was on a Wednesday and I love to plan in advance. Under normal circumstances, I would have said no. 

We went to Puerto 27 Peruvian Kitchen and Pisco Bar. 
I saw this restaurant on our way to our friends Bren and Bob's place in Granada last summer. I took a note of this restaurant, in case we'll be in the market for a restaurant with the view of the ocean. Almost a year later, we were back in the area and I remembered the check out Puerto 27.

For Happy Hour at a Peruvian place, Pisco Sour comes to mind. Pisco Sour is a Peruvian cocktail where Pisco is the base liquor. Pisco is a type of brandy that is produced in Peru or Chile.

Mijo and I both decided to try their Pisco Sour Classico which is made of Pisco Quebranta, key lime juice, simple syrup, egg white and angostura bitters.

Cocktails in the City - Puerto 27 pisco sour classico 2

It was quite refreshing and perfect during a warm evening. I was sipping at the same time trying hard not to ruin the 27 on top of the foam.
Cocktails in the City - Puerto 27 pisco sour classico

By the way, this is the ocean view from the restaurant's patio.
Cocktails in the City - Puerto 27 ocean views 
We decided to pair the cocktails with this ceviche sampler consisting of spiced tuna and white fish. It was perfect for two people sharing.
Cocktails in the City - Puerto 27 ceviche sampler

We also decided to sample this empanada which has crunch outer layer and soft filling of beef, eggs, raisins, olives.
Cocktails in the City - Puerto 27 empanadas

Our server also recommended this dish called Jalea Mixta which is a seafood mix and a mint tartar sauce. Delicioso!
Cocktails in the City - Puerto 27 jalea mixta

We ordered another round of drinks so we decided to order another dish to make this a fulfledged dinner.  This time it is called Trucha encebollada which is skillet roasted trout, caramelized shrimps, tomatoes, onions, soy sauce and cilantro.
Cocktails in the City - Puerto 27 gambas

The service was friendly and down to earth. Most of the people opted to seat outside. I noticed that their dining room is airy and big.
Cocktails in the City - Puerto 27 crowd

I also noticed that the restaurant is next to, or maybe even part of, a hotel called Pacifica Beach Hotel. It looks nice outside and I can imagine the great ocean views. I made another note but this time it was about the hotel.
Cocktails in the City - Pacifica Beach Hotel

Puerto 27 is in Pacifica on Crespi Drive off Hwy 1.


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