Sunday, June 01, 2014

Farmers Market in the City - Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and shopping for Sunday brunch ingredients

At Home - Sunday Brunch sweetsWe cooked brunch on Sunday and it was very good because the ingredients were fresh. We bought most of them at the farmers market the day before. 

We totally enjoyed not just the brunch but also the process involved in shopping for the necessities for the brunch. We always love going to the Ferry Building Farmers Market. It is one of the hundred reasons we love living in San Francisco.

We've been back from our trip to the Philippines and Indonesia for two weekends now. The first weekend, we spent at our good friends wedding at Stinson Beach. So technically, we haven't spent an entire weekend at our home. I do miss our home.  This is why we decided to stay home the past weekend and cooked Sunday brunch and it was good!

We got up early on Saturday. After a 12 plus minute ride via BART, we were at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. It was a typical San Francisco summer. The sun was out but the cool breeze greeted us.  Our usual breakfast whenever we go to the Saturday farmers market is lox, baked goods and coffee.

We get our lox at Cap'n Mike's Holy Smoke. They sell delicious smoked fish products. They are isially located near the Sausalito ferry terminal.
Ferry Plaza Farmers Market - Lox

And we get our freshly baked either at Downtown Bakery or Acme Bread. They're usually right next to each other at the back of the Ferry Building. And then we get our coffee at Peet's Coffee.

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market - Freshly baked goods

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market - Acme Bread

Here are the cups of Peet's Coffee, lox sandwiches and baked goodies before we weave through the maze of produce shops at the farmers market.  There are tables inside the Ferry Building where we usually seat near Mijita or you can enjoy the sunshine outside by seating on benches near the water with the views of the San Francisco Bay.
Ferry Plaza Farmers Market - Lox and Peets coffee

At Home - Sticky bun and croissant

For the Sunday brunch ingredients, we needed potatoes.

Shopping at the farmers market brings back a lot of good childhood memories. Having grown up in a small town outside Manila, my mom used to bring me to the markets also on Saturday morning. I would carry the items she bought while she bargained with the merchants. .
Ferry Plaza Farmers Market - Potatoes

Mijo also bought some cucumbers, carrots and green garlic.

I must admit that I used to hate going to the markets with her because I'd rather go play with my neighborhood friends or watch cartoons on TV than go to the markets. Little did I know that I would be romanticizing that kind of scene later on in my adult life
Ferry Plaza Farmers Market - Cucumber

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market - Carrots

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market -Green Garlic

Of course, our trip to the farmers market is not complete without getting a bunch of dried lavenders from EatWell Farms. You cannot miss them because of the fragrant lavender scent. I think these are Grosso lavenders.
Ferry Plaza Farmers Market - EatWell Dried Lavender

Mijo sampled this 'cultured' soda infused with cherry and lavender flavors. It was quite refreshing and tasty!
Ferry Plaza Farmers Market - Drinkwell softeners

For dessert, we decided to get turrones from Village Market. Of course, no visit to the Ferry Building is complete without getting a couple of macarons from Miette . We got a couple of strawberry and a couple of rose geranium macarons. We also got a lemon tart from Miette.
Ferry Plaza Farmers Market - Village Market Turones

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market - Miette macarons

Sunday came and I was super excited to finally making the potatoes and scrambled eggs with all the fresh ingrediends. 
At Home - Sunday Brunch prep

Anyway, here's the brunch and the finished product. 
At Home - Sunday Brunch 

  At Home - Sunday Brunch sweets

I truly miss home after our trips to the Philippines and Indonesia. 
We ended up staying home the entire weekend which was perfect.


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