Saturday, June 14, 2014

Everyday Coffee in the City - Philippine Civet Coffee

Philippines Civet Coffee - Coffee beans bwOne of the goodies I brought back from my latest trip to the Philippines was a small box of Philippine Civet Coffee. I only bought one box for sampling because it is quite pricey.

We have started sampling this coffee this week.  This coffee is not as earthy and smoked flavored as the other Philippine coffee I've sampled before. It is not as bitter as the other coffee I usually drink.

Civet coffee is a type of coffee where the beans are picked from the poop of a civet.  The civet is a cat-like mammal that consumes the coffee fruit and then defacates the undigested beans. That is why to some, this is called poop coffee. I was shopping at Echo Cafe in Bonifacio Global City in Manila for confections to bring back to the States when I came across this type of coffee. It is like a delicacy so I was totally intrigued. I was also blown away with the intricate process how this coffee is produced.  

The staff at Echo Cafe did ensure me that the civets in the Sulu forest are wild to ensure that only select coffee berries are eaten and the animals are in great condition. Though a very slow method of harvesting bean, this also ensures quality production. This is why the price per kilogram of this type of coffee is so pricey. I only bought a small package.

Philippines Civet Coffee - Coffee box 

This package is probably good for 6-8 cups of brewed coffee. This was the first time we sampled this type of coffee.
  Philippines Civet Coffee - Coffee bean bag

The coffee is evenly roasted. The beans are smaller than normal arabica beans.
Philippines Civet Coffee - Coffee beans

It is also not as fragrant as the other coffee when freshly ground.
Philippines Civet Coffee - Coffee grounds

First, we paired it with a jalapeño bagel with salmon cream cheese and semi-soft eggs. 

I am still experimenting on the grounds to water ratio for this coffee. I used the same amount of grounds per cup of coffee as with my usual coffee, that is, two tablespoons per cup (or scoop). The coffee is mild in taste and it is not as bitter as the other coffee. It is a bit more acidic. It is probably the result of digestion in the civet's stomach?
Philippines Civet Coffee - Breakfast pairing

Next, we paired the coffee with sweet snacks: a quesedilla muffin from Pan Dulce and Trader Joe's almond biscotti. I also added another half scoop into my normal ratio. The taste of the coffee became a little more pronounced.  I could also taste more of the coffee because of the cheese flavor in the quesedilla and the sweetness of the biscotti. This pairing and the ratio worked out better.
Philippines Civet Coffee - Snack pairing

For one thing. It does not taste like poop. If you like acidic coffee like I do, you'll probably like this coffee. Since this coffee is pricey, I consider this week a luxurious coffee week for us even for just a short week. 

Next week, we'll open another coffee from the Philippines. Stay tuned...


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Thomas Morrison said...

This a great write up, I was in the Phil's recently and miss my opportunity to try but I'd written a little myself from the research I did.