Monday, January 07, 2013

Basketball across the Bay - The Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors - TicketsBefore we went on vacation to Asia, we got another set of tickets in the office. Not baseball. Not football. This time, it is basketball. The tickets were Concourse Suite tickets at the Oracle Arena to the Golden State Warriors game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Before the game day, I didn't have an idea what Concourse Suite tickets were.

I have not seen a live NBA game before so Mijo and I were so excited to be at the game. The Warriors also won that night but that was not the only treat. We discovered an even better treat regarding these tickets. Clue - Concourse Suite.

Mijo and I have been to the Oracle Arena before to watch concerts of artists like Shakira, Elton John, Billy Joel, etc. The arena looked so different during a basketball game. It looked so much better than seeing it on tv. 

Golden State Warriors - Warm ups
Please pardon for what I am about to write next because it was my first time to watch a live NBA game.  It was like watching a super wide high definition screen with clear vivid colors. There were lights everywhere. And the sound. It sounds like the NBA games but only better and louder - the sounds of skidding shoes, the bouncing ball, the net, the whistle, etc.  The energy of the Bay Area basketball fans added to the experience.

Golden State Warriors - Concourse Suite
Another treat was the Concourse Suite.  
When we got past the ticket gates, we were ushered to a different entrance. It was like going to a hotel because of so many doors and arena employess greeting you. I had no idea that it was going to be that special. I was thinking to myself that if these employess only knew that I am not a season ticket holder. Worse, I won the tickets at work. Finally, we made it to our suite. Look at that view!

Golden State Warriors - Free food
Food was also served so we didn't have to buy anything to eat!

Golden State Warriors - Anchors
I looked on my right and saw the control center. I was scanning for someone famous but I didn't find any.

Golden State Warriors - Contest
I even ran into a friend of mine back in my Pamantasan (PLM) days. She and her husband live in the South Bay and are avid Warriors fans. She saw my check-in into Foursquare so she texted me about my whereabouts. We chatted for a bit during half time.

Since we didn't have to pay for anything, Mijo and I decided to buy some Golden State Warriors gears in case we got free Warriors tickets in the future. :)


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