Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cafe in the City - Cafe XO on Church St.

San Francisco Railway Museum - SignageWe've been wanting to go to Cafe XO on Church St. but somehow either we forget or we haven't found time. We always pass by this cafe whenever we go to Pomelo  or Toast for breakfast and we always see a line of people waiting to order coffee at this cafe.

Before the New Year's, we decided to give this coffee place a try and we liked it!

Our favorite neighborhood bakery Destination Baking Company was closed through the Holidays and we didn't want to go to Bello Coffee that day. Since Cafe XO is only a couple of blocks away, we decided to go there instead. The moment I've been waiting for. :)

Cafe XO - Church and 30th Sts
The cafe is located on the border of Noe Valley and Glen Park neighborhoods where the MUNI J-line turns on 30th St. and Church St. There is something soothing and romantic about sipping coffee and hearing the streetcars pass by outside. The cafe has tables inside for a more comfortable setting. I also dig their modern county interior. They got lots of wall decor too. There are also benches outside if you'd rather have coffee and enjoy the cool San Francisco mornings and the warmth of  California sunshine.

Cafe XO - Cafe menu
I noticed that people greet the cafe staff by name and make small conversations at the counter while ordering and then with the barista while waiting for their drinks. They must be neighborhood folks, I thought to myself. 

Mijo ordered a latte and I chose my usual Americano.  Aside from coffee, they also serve cakes, pastries, cookies and other sweets.

Cafe XO - Americano and Pudding
I also ordered a lemon pudding with my perfectly brewed small Americano. I just don't know if they make the pastries inhouse. Aside from being close enough from where we live, Cafe XO makes good espresso based coffee drinks. I am adding this to my cafe list to go to. 

Cafe XO is located on the corner of Church and 30th Sts.



Timeless Confection said...

mukhang yummylicious yung pie...:)

Roland Luistro said...

hi kaye! yummylicious talaga yung pudding with my americano. :) thanks for dropping by!