Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sale in the City

Before moving to the city's sleepy Glen Park district, I used to live right in the middle of three vibrant neighborhoods - the Castro, Lower Haight and the Mission. The area is dotted not only with independent bookstores, lively restaurants and hip cafés but also with stores that buy and sell used items such as clothing, shoes, books, etc. Some of these second-hand stores pay a quarter of the resale price so you'll get around $5 upfront. is also a great outlet to post for-sale ads.

I remember feeling proud with my eclectic taste in clothes after most of my stuff were bought by the store. Not bad for a first timer, I thought. Rather than throw things that I've gotten tired of, garage sales and second hand stores have been my means of unearthing extra cash since then. Anything that is not sold is donated to the Salvation Army.

Well, it's that time of the year again! For those who are local, I am having a garage sale. That is, online garage sale. The items are all in great condition. You may view them in You may send all your questions to

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Anonymous said...

hehehehe...ecclectic taste on clothes ha? kelan pa? talagang super pa-s si rolandito! hehehehe....parang dati kapag nakikita kita sa school hapit na hapit ang polo mo at pati buhok mo plantsadong-plantsado. cute mo talaga!