Saturday, May 06, 2006

Summer Fog

- What are we doing for Independence Day?
- Huh?
- We always go somewhere that time of the year. Last year we went to the Capital. The year before that to Vancouver. Two years ago we were in Chicago.
- That's insteresting.
- What's interesting?
- You mean the 'Fourth of July'?
- Yeah.
- I never really heard it reffered to as 'Independence Day'.
- That's true. Force of habit, you know. I was not born here.
- Maybe we should stay in town this year and watch the fireworks under the San Francisco fog.
- You mean watch the 'colored clouds'?

- Yeah, the 'red, white and blue cloud'.

(This picture was 2 months in the making. Taken from clockwise: the Potrero Hill district, the Golden Gate Bridge, Market Street and Dolores Park.)

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