Saturday, June 03, 2006

My feet and back are going to be sore tomorrow. We spent the last three days moving stuff out of the Glen Park. aparment into the Glen Park house. The apartment is built up so climbing the stairs is already a work out. Now, imagine doing this several times carrying something heavy.

We didn't want to impose on our friends to help out since we scheduled the big move on a Friday. The more expensive items like the television, wall art, work and personal laptops, and cameras have been transferred days before the big move date. Three day laborers from Ceazar Chavez St. did the heavy lifting while J and I moved less heavier boxes and helped manage the move. Other than the dent on a side of one of the shelves and the scratch on top of the wooden trunk, there were no major incidents and the move went smoothly and right on schedule.

The big piles of boxes scattered around the house will probably take a week or two before they are folded and stored and their contents put away. I get an overwhelming feeling of frustration everytime I see the second bedroom and storage area downstairs near the garage and sigh in disbelief that we've accumulated so much belongings in our five years of stay at the Glen Park apartment. This is after we've donated one load of hand-me-downs to the Salvation Army. It is going to be a big job reselling the rest of them online!

After cleaning up the Glen Park apartment, I realized the we're fortunate to have found the Glen Park house. We got what we wanted: we only moved three blocks, the same San Francisco neighborhood, the same freeway exit, the same ZIP code and the same BART station. We even kept the same phone number.

In addition to the charming garden and a great deck, we're also left with a family of squirrels and a fierce sounding racoon. This is like country living in the city!

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