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Cocktails in the City - Fifth Floor

Fifth Floor - Sign
Mijo, our friends Jim and Jose and I went to Fifth Floor for our once a month fancy cocktail hour. I've been there before for a dinner with another set of friends but it was the first time I went there for drinks. Both experiences are good but different. 

Each one of us ordered a different drink in the beginning but all of us ended up ordering a drink called Kings Cup for the second round. I guess that was the winner that night. :)

The Fifth Floor is located inside the Palomar Hotel in San Francisco's Union Square district. And you guessed it right, on the fifth floor of the building. I don't know how many other bars are named like this but I've been to another one called Bar 888 because it is on 888 Howard St. But I have to admit it is easy to remember their names this way at the same time having a sense of sexiness to it.

Fifth Floor - Hallway

Speaking of sexy, Fifth Floor's hallway leading to their dining area exudes sexyness paired with chic bar music. They just absolutely set the mood.  Since we were not going to eat a full dinner, we were seated on the other side which I call their cocktail side.

Fifth Floor - Cozy space

Their drinks menu is extensive so we decided to stick with the first two pages of the menu. 

I ordered the Pink Elephant. Mijo ordered Marooned in Kingston. For Jim it was Hearts and Tails (not in the picture) and for Jose it was King's Cup. Well thought out mixes! Lots of flavors present and visually elegant. The vibrant colors made the drinks look very refreshing. Except for King's Cup, all the drinks have a kind of tarty flavor in common.

Below is my drink, Pink Elephant which has Brocker's Gin, Pineapple Gum, Rosato Vermouth, Orange Bitters and smoked Absinthe.
Fifth Floor - Pink Elephant

Fifth Floor - Marooned in Kingston

Fifth Floor - Kings Cup

We also decided to get some bar food. These fries and the dips are delicious and they give you a generous amount of fries. We also asked for extra aoli.
Fifth Floor - Fries

We also ordered some cheeses, preserved fruits, crackers and nuts. For our second round of drinks, we decided to order King's Cup because of its complex and refreshing flavors. The King's Cup contains Ketel One or Belvedere Vodka, Limoncello, Confit Kumquat, Elderflower and bitter lemon soda.
Fifth Floor - Artisanal Cheese

All in all, Fifth Floor has good ambiance, great friendly service and great selection of cocktails. Fifth Floor is on the fifth floor of Palomar Hotel on 4th Street between Market St and Mission.

Fifth Floor - Cocktail time


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