Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cafe in the City - Mission Pie

Mission Pie
Here's another cafe to where Mijo and I enjoy going. Mission Pie, as their name suggests, sells savory and sweet pies. I've tried a lot of their pies but one that stands out for me is their banana creme pie.

We also enjoy going to their cafe because of their good coffee and welcoming cafe scene. It truly is a neighborhood gathering place. 

The earliest dated picture I have of Mission Pie is January 2011 so this is probably when Mijo and I started coming to Mission Pie. We've been enjoying their Banana Cream pies and their Taylor Maid Farm coffees since then. We usually go to Mission Pie when our dinner happens to be in a restaurant around the Misison District.

Mission Pie - Slice of Banana Cream Pie

Their Banana Cream pie is what I call a well balanced sweet pie. Just the right amount of pie crust, flavor of banana, cream with hints of vanilla. It goes perfectly well with coffee and perfect to reset your palate after a savory dinner.

Mission Pie - Banana Cream Pies

There were times when Mijo and I would go to Mission Pie after our modest dinner at home. They're open until 10pm even on Sundays so we would also go pick up a couple of slices even late on Sundays.

Mission Pie - Slices of Banana Cream Pie

I also enjoy the neighborhood feel of this cafe. The crowd is also pretty eclectic just like the Mission District itself.

Mission Pie - Scene

Another thing I like about this cafe is its accessibility from BART. It is only a block away from the 24th St. BART station.

Mission Pie - Front

The cafe is also well lit with floor to ceiling glass windows. The tables and chairs are conducive to catching up with friends, studying, or people watching.

Mission Pie - Facade

The last time I was at the cafe which was a couple of weeks ago, they're still a cash-only establishment.

Mission Pie

Although not a written rule, I noticed that people only grab an empty table only after they've ordered. On the long table, I also noticed that sharing the table with other people is golden.

Mission Pie

Here, I was enjoying one of their sweet galletes and coffee while seating by their front window one sunny winter afternoon.
Pear and Cranberry Galette

Mission Pie is located on 25th and Mission Sts.


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