Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lunch in Sonoma - The Girl and the Fig

The Girl and the Fig - Sign
We were not celebrating anything special that day. We thought that since we've driven that far from the city, why not go to a more popular restaurant? 

The food, the ambiance and the restaurant's location couldn't be any perfect. Mijo and I totally enjoyed this restaurant famous for its fig-centered dishes. 

Maybe I should have titled this blog The Girl, the Fig and the Filipino guy? :)

The restaurant is on the northwest side of the picturesque Sonoma State Historic Park. We purposely parked on the opposite side of the park so this we could walk across the park. I've been to this park more than twice and I always enjoy passing through this quaint patch of greenery in the middle of downtown Sonoma.

The Girl and the Fig - Sonoma square

Even though we got to the restaurant around 2:30pm past the lunch time rush hour, we were armed with a reservation. Knowing how popular The Girl and Fig is, I didn't want to just barge in to the restaurant even mid afternoon and wait for an hour, or worse, not get a table at all.

The restaurant is tastefully modest but I noticed main dining area is decorated with modern fig-centered wall paintings.

The Girl and the Fig - Front door 

It was hot that Saturday afternoon so instead of getting a full bodied Zinfandel or Cabernet Sauvignon, we started with this 2012 Old Vine Rosé by Cochon which was refreshing. It also went so well with the dishes that we ordered.

The Girl and the Fig - Dry Old Vine Rose

We paired it with this pastis scented steamed mussels and it came with a slice of grilled fries. It was garlicky and herby good.

The Girl and the Fig - Steamed Mussels and Frites

This place is supposed to be fig-oriented so I wanted to order something with figs. I tried this urugula salad with toasted pecans, fig, goat cheese, pancetta and port vinaigrette. Amazing combination of flavors! 

The Girl and the Fig - Fig and Arugula salad

Mijo ordered this sandwich plate of baguette with soft cheese and cured meats. Of course, I had a slice of his sandwich so I was able to sample it.

The Girl and the Fig - Coppa Baguette

It looked like this upclose. It was light but at the same time bursting with flavors. It is amazing how sandwiches this simple can be truly tasty.

The Girl and the Fig - Coppa Baguette upclose

A restaurant staff was cleaning up the table next to us.  He was carrying a big paper table cover, a rectangular stamp, and a big crayon. After he laid out the table cover, he put a stamp of the restaurant's symbol in the middle and draw a crooked line across.  So this was how the table design is put together.

All in all, we enjoyed this light and super delicious lunch. I added this list in my list of 'to go to again restaurants'. 


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