Sunday, May 01, 2016

Filipino Food south of the City - Seafood City's Grill City and Valerio's Tropical Bakery

Seafood City - SignI've heard from my coworker about the opening of Grill City and Crispy Town at Seafood City in South San Francisco.

Mijo and I have been wanting to check it out and we just found time this weekend. I am happy to report that our experience was wonderful and we have found another go-to place south of the City.

The review I got from my coworker Esay about Seafood City was flying colors. Seafood City is located at the back of the former location of Goldilocks in Westborough. I've been to that Goldilocks before but I have not been to Seafood City. Whenever I need Filipino ingredients for our cooking needs, I usually go to nearby Manila Oriental. This is why I haven't ventured out to Seafood City until this weekend. I heard the lines are long on the weekend for lunch so we planned to go there Sunday late afternoon. 
Seafood City - Food court

We got to Seafood City to get something to go for our dinner. There were lines but they were short. There is an area inside Seafood City that resembles a food court and Grill City is one of the stores. Mijo and I surveyed the area first and decided we are going to get dinner from Grill City. I ordered the Grilled Bangus with a side of Squash with Long green beans. Mijo decided to get the Grilled Squid with a side of Kare-kare.

Seafood City - Grill City Seafood City - Grill City goodies  
Seafood City - Grill City to go containers Seafood City - Grill City Squid Bangus Kare Kare Sitaw Kalabasa

Crispy Town is opposite Grill City so I checked it out as well. I tried to get their Crispy Smelt and Veggie Lumpia but they were out of both items.

Seafood City - Crispy Town Seafood City - Crispy Town meats

We also decided to sample a few of Valerio's  Tropical Bakeshop's Bibingka, veggie lumpias and Buko Pie.

  Seafood City - Valerios Tropical Bakeshop Seafood City - Valerios Tropical Bakeshop merchandise bibingka Seafood City - Valerios Tropical Bakeshop merchandise buko pie 
Seafood City - Valerios Tropical Bakeshop merchandise Ensaymada Seafood City - Valerios Tropical Bakeshop queue 

I like this mural on a big wall inside the food court. We were in and out of Seafood City. The service was ultra friendly and fast. I will explore this area some other time. I also took note of the Red Ribbon Bakeshop that is also in the same area.

Seafood City - Mural

Here's our humble but super tasty and delicious grilled Filipino dinner. The cost? A little over $20 excluding dessert. Bueno, bonito, barrato. Good, pretty to look, and the price is very reasonable.

 Seafood City - Humble dinner 

For dessert, Buko Pie and Bibingka.

  Seafood City - Valerios Tropical Bakeshop Buko pie bibingka slice 
  Seafood City - Valerios Tropical Bakeshop Buko pie bibingka slice flower tea

We had a wonderful experience. 

We will definitely explore more of Seafood City's food selections. 


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