Monday, May 09, 2016

Art in the City - SFMoMA Member Preview Day

SF MoMA - Opening bwWe were fortunate to get tickets to the SFMoMA's Member Preview Day. I love the additional collections, the new Snøhetta building, and of course, the existing collections.

It was a lot to take in. I'll definitely have to come back on a weekday after its official opening on May 14.

The day started out rainy but that didn't deter me, Mijo and our friends Jim and Jose. Walking from the Yerba Buena Gardens allowed us to see the old Mario Botta designed building and the new Snøhetta designed addition at the back. I like the contrast of the two buildings as if the two are a multi racial couple.
SF MoMA - Opening Mario Botta facade
Our tickets were timed at 1:15pm.  We got in right away thanks to the wonderful ushers and museum staff. There were already lots of people inside it was like we stepped into a parallel universe where everyone is excited to see art and appreciates great architecture.  The energy inside was contagious. I definitely felt the excitement of everyone present. 

Here's a view of the SFMoMA eye from the stairs.
 SF MoMA - Opening Ceiling

Speaking of the new building by Snøhetta, here's a miniature version.  I love the sort of randomness of the angles and the lines of the facade. There is definitely mass and has a chalky feel from afar.
  SF MoMA - Opening Snohetta facade sample 

Here's the actual facade as seen from the outdoor area of the museum cafe. 
  SF MoMA - Opening Snohetta facade 

At the lobby of the Snøhetta building, Richard Serra's massive sculpture called Sequence dominates. If I worked nearby, I would come here just to relax during lunch hours. 
  SF MoMA - Opening Richard Serra Sequence 

The elevators let us plan our visit better.
  SF MoMA - Opening Elevator 

Outdoor sculptures by Alexander Calder. Mijo and I were definitely admiring the green wall. From here, we could look up and see the wavy texture of the building. 
  SF MoMA - Opening Alexander Calder 

They let us take pictures without flash. There was truly a lot to take in so I decided to not linger in one room. Though, I stated longer in galleries where my favorites are showcased.

Of course, my favorite Andy Warhol is displayed.
  SF MoMA - Opening Andy Warhol Triple Elvis 

  SF MoMA - Opening Andy Warhol Self Portraits 

Another favorite is Roy Lichtenstein.
  SF MoMA - Opening Roy Lichtenstein 

  SF MoMA - Opening Roy Lichtenstein Reflection Series 

I love these Portraits by Chuck Close.
  SF MoMA - Opening Chuck Close Portraits 

I overheard someone said about this painting by Gerhard Richter, I've seen that before. I was chuckling because that was my thoughts exactly.
  SF MoMA - Opening Gerhard Richter Reader 

Mijo loved this sculpture by Martin Puryear.
  SF MoMA - Opening Martin Puryear 

I think the cafe remained in the same area. Again, the view from the outdoor part of the museum cafe has lots of great views of the new building. It also has a lot of outdoor sculptures.
  SF MoMA - Opening Cafe 5  SF MoMA - Opening Cafe 5 snack

The photography section was huge. 
  SF MoMA - Opening Michael Jang Golden Gate Bridge 50th Anniv 

I also checked out my other favorites which stayed in the Mario Botta building.

Here is Diego Rivera's Flower Carrier.
SF MoMA - Opening Floor 2 Diego Rivera 

Mark Rothko's No. 14.
  SF MoMA - Opening Floor 2 Mark Rothko No 14 

Mijo's favorites are the Matisse collections.
  SF MoMA - Opening Floor 2 Matisse 

My favorite, Picasso's Les Femmes d'Algiers.
  SF MoMA - Opening Floor 2 Picasso Les Femmes dAlgiers 

Back in the new Snøhetta building, I also love the stairs on the sides of the building.
  SF MoMA - Opening Stairs 

And the huge windows that double as seating areas.
  SF MoMA - Opening Windows

It was a lot to take in in one visit. I have new favorites among the new additions.  I love the renovations and the new Snøhetta building. Lots of interesting items at the Museum Store. I will have to come back, soon. Welcome back, SFMoMA!


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