Monday, August 13, 2018

Landmark in the City - Community opening of the Salesforce Transit Center

Salesforce Transit Center - Entrance bw
Finally, the newly opened Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco's Financial District opened to the public during its Community Openhouse. 

Mijo and I went there together with thousands of local San Franciscans to inspect this massive transit venue. Mijo and I love it. It is easily another San Francisco landmark.

Mijo and I got to the transit center early, around 10am before the mobs of people. We started our walk from its Beale St. side. From there, we could see the undulating facade like waves of water or paper doilies.
Salesforce Transit Center - Side

I like its paper white color and it almost gives me a powdery texture just by looking at it.
Salesforce Transit Center - Sidewalk 

This looks like a cable car but it was not operational at the time we visited.
  Salesforce Transit Center - Gondola 

A view of the metal facade of the transit center and the super tall Salesforce Tower.
  Salesforce Transit Center - SFT facade 

Another facade shot this time with the ultra stylish Fremont tower.
  Salesforce Transit Center - Facade 

When I stepped inside the transit center, I noticed these lovely patterns on the floor. I am sure there are Bay Area references and meaning to these patterns but there were no staff around to answer these questions.
  Salesforce Transit Center - Floor 

And thousands were already waiting in line by the time we got there. These escalators take you to the bus stations and to the rooftop park. The train stations, one floor down, are still under construction. We were told the train stations will be a station for Caltrain and the California Highspeed train that will run between LA and SF.
  Salesforce Transit Center - Natural lights 

The park above is amazing. Real trees and real grass. The selection of plants and trees made me feel like I am at a botanical garden. I'm sure that birds and insects will be around by the time these greeneries mature.
  Salesforce Transit Center - Yoga 

Here are more views of the Rooftop park. Yoga, anyone? Though, I'd like to do my yoga on a firm flat surface and not on a lawn and grass.
  Salesforce Transit Center - Yoga in the park 

Bamboos and the dome where natural lights go through. I can't wait for these bamboos to fully grow and cover the side of this dome.
  Salesforce Transit Center - Bamboos 

This is the Redwood Forest. I'm amazed and surprised that the transit center can support all this weight. 
  Salesforce Transit Center - Redwood forest 

A quiet nook in the park. Yep, that's where I see myself someday.
  Salesforce Transit Center - Quiet nook 

More trees. I am imagining that the park will have more of a real park character when the trees and plants have grown and mature. But this will do for me, for now.
  Salesforce Transit Center - Pine trees 

Music. There was also live music performances downstairs in the main lobby.
  Salesforce Transit Center - Music 

Looking up from the escalators.
  Salesforce Transit Center - Looking up 

Bus stops on the second floor. This floor is open air but the patterned panel made it feel like it is enclosed. This area is clean for now but I am imagining soot will soon cover the walls and ceilings. I wonder if the panels and the ceilings are easy to clean?
  Salesforce Transit Center - Buses

I'll try to be back again to the transit center next week and take more photos.  
Stay tuned.


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