Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day Trip from the City - A Relaxing Weekend in Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay - Bodega Head bwMijo and I have been planning a short weekend getaway north of the City.  Bodega Bay came to mind. We both have been to Bodega Bay as a side trip but we've not stayed there.

The scene was picturesque. The air fresh, the view was relaxing, the sounds of the breaking waves soothing. As a bonus, we stayed at a place with no TV, no cell phone reception and no wifi.

We drove up north from San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway 101 and then to  BHighway 1. We got to Bodega Bay in a little over two hours with some minor traffic along the way. The marine layer that day looked like the fog was not going to burn off.

We headed to the Sonoma Coast Visitors Center and the friendly staff suggested we head to the Bodega Head for a great view. Bodega Head is a few minutes drive from the Visitor Center.
Bodega Bay - Sonoma Coast Visitors Center

The view from Bodega Head is indeed picturesque. This was a reminder how truly beautiful is the California coast. A bunch of people had binoculars and cameras on a tripod for whale watching. Mijo and I lingered in this area for a bit.
  Bodega Bay - Bodega Head

We walked around the point to check out the dramatic coastline. I can't help but imagine how the coast has been shaped by nature either by erosion, earthquakes, and some other factors. 
Bodega Bay - Bodega Head looking north Bodega Bay - Bodega Head Whale sighting Bodega Bay - Bodega Head beach below Bodega Bay - Bodega Head Warning sign Bodega Bay - Bodega Head blooming flowers Bodega Bay - Bodega Head Local flowers  Bodega Bay - Bodega Head Auxilliary for Fisheries Bodega Bay - Bodega Beach Bodega Bay - Dock 

Afterward, we went for lunch at the Fisherman's Cove. We shared a clam chowder, fish and chips, half a dozen oysters and Lagunitas IPA.
  Bodega Bay - Fishermans Cove 
  Bodega Bay - Fishermans Cove Lagunitas IPA clam chowder Bodega Bay - Fishermans Cove Fish and Chips Bodega Bay - Fishermans Cove queue Bodega Bay - Fishermans Cove Oysters

Since we were already in the area, Mijo and I decided to check out the places where Alfred Hitchcock's movie called The Birds were shot. Here are the views of St. Theresa's Church.
Bodega Bay - St Theresa Church front 
  Bodega Bay - St Theresa Church front view Bodega Bay - St Theresa Church back view Bodega Bay - St Theresa Church side view 

Here's the Potter School.  The funny thing is that there are no crows around the area. At least, on that day.
  Bodega Bay - Potter School 

Here are more views of Bodega Bay.
  Bodega Bay - Colleens Coffee Shop Bodega Bay - Colleens Coffee Shop snack Bodega Bay - Bodega Country Store The Birds Bodega Bay - Bodega Country Store Bodega Bay - Bodega Country Store art Bodega Bay - Taylor St

We stayed at a cute place north of Bodega Bay called Jenner at a place called Jenner Inn. The Jenner Inn is a great place for relaxation not only because of the location but also because of the setup. No TV, no cell phone reception and no wifi. We wanted this exactly. This allowed us to disconnect and focus on ourselves.
Jenner - Jenner Inn Jenner - Jenner Inn patio Jenner - Jenner Inn deck Jenner - Ocean meets Russian River Jenner - Russian River meets the ocean


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