Sunday, August 16, 2015

Festival in the City - San Francisco Street Food Festival

SF Street Food Festival - Entrance bw by roland luistro, on FlickrSan Francisco was having a real summer weather this weekend. If you like this kind of weather, it is perfect for the outdoor events happening around the city.

Mijo and I went to the San Francisco Street Food Festival to grab something for lunch. The trek to the Dogpatch neighborhood of the city was all worth it.

It was a lazy Sunday morning for Mijo and I. We are usual like this when the weather is warm in the city. Over breakfast, Mijo and I were discussing the weather and we both thought it would be great to go outside. Maybe go to a Sunday Street in the Outer Mission? Or grab a light lunch and take it to Dolores Park? Or check out the San Francisco Street Food Festival (SFSFF) in its new venue in the city's Dogpatch neighborhood?

We decided to brave the trek to the SFSFF. I say brave the trek because going to Pier 70 from where we live is not as simple as going to the festival's former venue in the Mission. It would be crazy to drive for starters. To go to Pier 70 via public transport, we'll have to take BART and then transfer to MUNI which we did.

SF Street Food Festival - Entrance 

I said to Mijo that I don't think I've ever been to Pier 70. He said the same thing to me.
I see the layout is kind of like a Off the Grid food truck event.
  SF Street Food Festival - Pier 70 

Mijo and I pretty much remember what we had from the previous Street Food Festivals. So we surveyed first what is available in the festival.

We walked around a bit and saw lots of food booths and trucks both familiar and new. There were also lots of food booth inside the warehouse.
  SF Street Food Festival - Radio Africa and Kitchen SF Street Food Festival - El Sur SF Street Food Festival - Pupusas and Lumpia SF Street Food Festival - D'Maize SF Street Food Festival - Gerards Paella 
  SF Street Food Festival - Lechon and Lumpia SF Street Food Festival - La Victoria

This was the music stage.
SF Street Food Festival - Music Stage

We decided to share this Ethiopian dish called Berbere Meatballs with couscous and collard greens by Radio Africa and Kitchen. It was spicy hot but good spicy hot. 
SF Street Food Festival - Radio Africa and Kitchen Berbere Meatballs

We also shared this paella from Gerard's Paella. It was very tasty. I saw them making paella in these huge paella pans. I've never seen a paella pan that big before.
SF Street Food Festival - Gerards Paella sausage paella

Mijo and I made out way inside the warehouse to get something sweet this time. Of course, there were booth selling savory and sweet items. There were also seating areas and bar style tables so one can eat ramen, pho and other brothy dishes more comfortably.
SF Street Food Festival - Pier 70 warehouse

We found this super tasty Tres Leches at La Victoria.
SF Street Food Festival - La Victoria Tres Leches 

I forgot where we got this Water Melon cooler but it was so refreshing and flavorful.
SF Street Food Festival - Water melon cooler

And added attraction was this structure resembling the Golden Gate Bridge.
  SF Street Food Festival - Bridge prop 

There were also sections for featured local merchandises and a live cooking stage.
This setup kind of reminds me of the SF Chef events.
  SF Street Food Festival - Makers Market SF Street Food Festival - Live Cooking Stage

Finally, Mijo found his pupusas at D'Maize.
SF Street Food Festival - D'Maize Pupusas 

We washed the pupusas down with this refreshing Tamarindo agua fresca.
  SF Street Food Festival - D'Maize Tamarindo 

We were making our way out of the event area when we saw a food truck called El Sur selling this warm churro with cream filling.
  SF Street Food Festival - El Sur Churro

Though I miss the former venue because the Mission streets and the neighborhood trees make it easy to romanticize the street food festival, I see the point why the organizers chose Pier 70. It was big so it can host large gatherings. For me, the event was well organized, trash cans everywhere, the free drinking water was easy to find, lots of tables inside the warehouse, etc.


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Rammy Jones said...

This was my second time attending an event at this place, and was my first business event here (the other event was a charity show). Everything was perfect, the drinks and food was amazing. Even the coffee at venues in DC was wonderful.