Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lunch in Sonoma - The Naked Pig

Naked Pig - Sign by roland luistro, on FlickrThe past weekend, Mijo and I were in Sonoma for a day of unplanned wine tasting and a light lunch afterward.

Our lunch at The Naked Pig was also unplanned. We got lucky because the lunch was good.  We truly enjoyed our light and leisurely lunch while enjoying the glorious Sonoma summer.

We've never been to The Naked Pig so we didn't know what to expect for lunch. Is the service good? The place is small and 'Farm to Table food' in white font is written on the restaurant's dark blue facade. Is the food good? It looks crowded with hipsters.

We checked out their menu posted on the glass door. The menu is short and sweet and featured lots of local ingredients. The interior is nice and kind of like barn-chic and it has lots of light. We asked for a table for two and we got a table outside.

We just came from Merriam Vineyards wine tasting so we didn't want alcohol. We wanted something refreshing.

Our friendly server suggested iced tea. I forgot to ask what is in their iced tea because it was full bodied and very flavorful. I tasted a hint of mint herb and orange pekoe. It was absolutely refreshing and perfect for the perfect summer weather in Sonoma.
Naked Pig - Iced tea

Mijo decided to get the House Cured Gravlox which consisted of creme fraiche, cucumber, house pickled onions, and micro green on revolution bread. It was light and very tasty. It reminded me of the lox sandwiches we eat everytime we go to the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building in the city.
Naked Pig - House Cured Gravlox

I ordered the Americana which consisted of eggs, local SOCO bacon, Santa Rosa grown potatoes. I had a choice of salad or buttered toast. I chose the toast. It was simple and yet very satisfying. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the bacon perfectly sweet and some crunch. I asked for Tabasco and our friendly server gave me green chiles on a jar. Kind of cute way to serve a hot sauce and I assumed it is homemade.
Naked Pig - Americana

All in all, our experience at The Naked Pig was excellent. The setting and the weather added to the wonderful afternoon in Sonoma.

The Naked Pig is on Santa Rosa Ave. off highway 101 in Sonoma.


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