Monday, August 31, 2015

Lunch in Napa Valley - Rutherford Grill

Rutherford Grill - Sign by roland luistro, on Flickr
Bob, Bren, Mijo and I went to Rutherford Grill after our wonderful cave tour and barrel tasting at Del Dotto caves. 

Our first time at this restaurant was delightful and it was such a feast to our taste buds in addition to the great atmosphere and friendly service.

After our third wine tasting of the day, we decided to break for lunch at Rutherford Grill. Even on a Wednesday, the restaurant is super busy. I can't imagine what this place is like during the weekend. 
Rutherford Grill - kitchen

I ordered iced tea because I was craving for it after so many sips of wine from three different wineries. The iced tea tasted so good and refreshing possibly because my taste buds were all opened up because of the tasty merlots and cabs.
Rutherford Grill - Iced tea

We devoured these breads right away. The warm slices of focaccia had hints of herbs and sprinkles of sea salt.
Rutherford Grill - Bread

I ordered this Flying Tuna platters. It was served with mixed greens, avocado and mango,  firecracker sauce and honey lime vinaigrette. It was delicious and tasty and perfectly cooked. The salad provided refreshing layers to the flavorful seared tuna. Bren also ordered the same dish.
Rutherford Grill - Flying Tuna platter

Mijo ordered the slow wood roasted rotisserie chicken with coleslaw made of seasonal vegetables. Mijo let me tried this a bit. The chicken was juicy and tasty. Nothing beats a perfectly roasted chicken.
Rutherford Grill - Rotisserie chicken

Bob ordered this White Cheddar Butternut enchilada. I didn't try it but it looked so good.
Rutherford Grill - White cheddar butternut enchilada

I guess we were hungry because we finished our lunch with no left overs. Of course, the food was also excellent. They have an outside seating to enjoy the glorious wine country summers.
Rutherford Grill - Outdoor area

Rutherford Grill is off Highway 29 on Rutherford Rd. in Napa Valley.


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