Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Art in the City - Nuestros Silencios

Silencios - Facing backs bw by roland luistro, on Flickr
A traveling art installation of ten giant bronze busts with covered mouths and a big bronze cube is currently on display in front of the Ferry Building.

I've seen it more than once so I've included in this blog pictures of the sculptures I've collected so far. Enjoy!

Nuestros Silencios, or Our Silences, is a traveling sculptures by Mexican artist Revilino
 and is composed of ten big bronze busts that are cream colored with rusty brown colored lowlights. 
Silencios - The whole thing

The sculptures have covered mouths to depict silences. It made me realize that there are places in the world where people live with their mouths covered and void of one of the fundamental human rights. It also made me cherish that I've lived in countries where the citizens enjoy freedom of speech.
Silencios - Front

The front of the sculptures have minimal designs and each one is different. The backs of the sculptures are also minimally designed.
Silencios - Back and Front

Here are more views of the art installation which has already traveled to different countries.
Silencios - Facing Ferry Building Silencios - Facing Embarcadero St Silencios - Facing and F train Silencios - Facing downtown Silencios - Facing backs 
  Silencios - F train Silencios - Facing Justin Herman Plaza 

On the northern end of the art installation, I saw this bronze cube called the 'tactile cube' for the blind.
  Silencios - Tactile box



renelee said...

interesting art sculptures..

Roland L. said...

they're massive and feel so solid. thanks for dropping by, sis.