Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Landmark in the City - 16th Ave. Tiled Steps

Hidden Garden Steps - Stairs bw by roland luistro, on Flickr
Mijo and I played tourists the other day. We went to see the mosaic tiled steps called the 16th Ave. Tiled Steps located in the city's Golden Gate Heights neighborhood.

Climbing the stairs was a workout but it was exhilirating afterward. It was truly a unique San Francisco experience!

The 16th Ave. Tiled Steps is on the corner of Moraga and 16th Avenue in the middle the Golden Gate Hieghts neighborhood. It is a quiet neighborhood and I had only been to this neighborhood before to play tennis with my former roommate Dzhon and that was years ago.

Hidden Garden Steps - Stairs whole Hidden Garden Steps - Moraga 16th Ave

We got there early enough. We would later find out that the crowd gets thicker later in the morning. We met a couple of friendly locals while snapping some pictures. I say friendly because they seemed genuinely excited when they found out we just live on the other side of the city. We engaged in a short but enjoyable conversation where we learned more about the other equally beautiful stairs in the neighborhood.
 Hidden Garden Steps - Stairs family 

The great thing about living in the city is that we feel like real tourists even though we are just visiting another city neighborhood. It does feel like we were in another town. Here are more shots of our climb to the top of the stairs.
  Hidden Garden Steps - Stairs Walking up Hidden Garden Steps - Stairs more designs  

The stairs is over 160 steps. I recommend pacing yourself to checkout the beautiful tiled arts and mosaics, the views from the lower part and the upper part, the plants on the sides of the stairs, etc. If you look close enough, you'll see names, quotes, love notes, etc. on the stairs.
Hidden Garden Steps - Stairs Walking up up

Here are more pictures of the beautiful mosaics. I read from one of the plaques that the stairs' artists are Colette Crutcher and Aileen Barr. The plaque also lists all the groups and people behind this artsy stairs.
Hidden Garden Steps - Stairs Moon Hidden Garden Steps - Stairs Looking up Hidden Garden Steps - Stairs Giacinto Pia Hidden Garden Steps - Stairs Fish Hidden Garden Steps - Stairs Star Mountain Art Hidden Garden Steps - Stairs Pasta Pomodoro 

Speaking of plants, succulents dot the gardens on the sides of the stairs.
Hidden Garden Steps - Plants  

Here's the view from the top of the stairs.
Hidden Garden Steps - Stairs Looking down

By the time we made it back down, there were more people coming to see and climb the stairs.
Hidden Garden Steps - Stairs

Thank you Golden Gate Heights neighborhood and friends for this beautiful stairs.


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