Thursday, September 24, 2015

Park in the City - Grandview Park

Grandview Park - View from the top bw by roland luistro, on Flickr
From the Mosaic stairs at Moraga and 16th Avenue, Mijo and I continued our playing local tourists. We hiked some more and walked all the way up to Grandview Park.

The hike was challenging for us but it was all worth it. The view from up there is nothing short of amazing. I love San Francisco!

From the mosaic tiles of Moraga and 16th Avenue, Mijo and I reached the top of the stairs and made it to 15th Avenue. The views from the very top of the mosaic stairs are amazing but we were up for better views that day. We saw a couple more stairs going up across the street and we got curious.

Grandview Park - 15th ave

After walking up the stairs we reached Noriega Street and that led to another set of stairs. If we thought the mosaic stairs were a challenge, these other stairs looked absolutely intimidating. I saw lots of people walking up and jogging down the stairs. Neighborhood people, I pressume.
Grandview Park - Stairs 

Since Mijo and I were already in the neighborhood, we decided to hike it slowly. We paced ourselves and we enjoyed the views in the process.
  Grandview Park - View of 15th Ave

There are benches in case you want to take breaks. We saw a couple of neighborhood volunteers cleaning up the stairs of bottles and paper and plastic bags.  We had short conversations with them. Even though we just live a couple of hills away from the park, the reaction we got from the locals we talked to felt like we live in another city. 
Grandview Park - Benches

A few minutes later and we finally reached the top. The views are amazing! 
Grandview Park - View from the top

There is a partial view of downtown.
Grandview Park - View of downtown

And partial views of the Golden Gate Bridge towers, the views of the western side and southern part of the city.
Grandview Park - View of Inner Sunset partial view Golden Gate Bridge Grandview Park - Looking southward
Grandview Park - Looking westward

It is amazing how the city feels so big and yet it is small. We just live 3 miles away from the park and and yet it felt like we were in a different city already.

You can reach the Grandview Park from the westside stairs on Noriega St and from the westside stairs on 14th Ave.


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