Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cafe in the City - Vive La Tarte

Vive La Tarte - Sign
San Francisco is truly a place with plenty of cafe choices. Mijo and I stumbled into Vive La Tarte just because we had time to kill before going to see the musical Finding Neverland.

We loved Vive La Tarte. I went back the other day and finally tried one of their tarts. Love it!

We had two hours to kill before the matinee of the musical Finding Neverland so Mijo and I decided to look for a nearby place for coffee and pastries. We found Vive La Tarte and we went there without any second thoughts.
Vive La Tarte - Window sign

It is only two blocks from the Orpheum Theatre so we thought it is a short walk from the theatre.
We got there and stepped into a spacious cafe. It didn't look like that from the outside. The interior has lots of natural lighting and it has this airy minimalist feel to it.
Vive La Tarte - Dining area

It has lots of seating areas and different kinds of furnitures which can accommodate small or big groups. If I came here alone, I would seat by the high tables or on the big wooden stairs.
Vive La Tarte - Dining area side

The kitchen and their workspace can be seen from the dining area.
I could see the pastry chefs and bakers busily working from where we were seating at.
Even though there were a lot of people inside, the place didn't feel noisy at all.
I imagine I can come here one time and work from here for a few hours.
Vive La Tarte - Saturday afternoon scene

They sell both savory and sweet items.
Vive La Tarte - Savory items

The first time we went there, Mijo and I decided to get sweet pastries. 
Vive La Tarte - Pastries

We got an apple crumble and a coffee croissants and two cups of americano.
They're all great and fresh.
Vive La Tarte - Mocha Croissant Caramel Hazelnut

The coffee they serve is by a nearby coffee shop called Sightglass. 
Their coffee is great.
Vive La Tarte - Coffee area

I had a workshop nearby the other day. 
On my second trip to Vive La Tarte, I made sure to try out their tarts. 
There must be a reason why they called their store Vive La Tarte.
Vive La Tarte - Tarts

I decided to bring home a Mango tart and an orange blossom croissant. They're so good!
Vive La Tarte - Croissant and Tart

I'll definitely go back and try their other breads and pastries. 
Vive La Tarte is located on Howard St. between 7th and 8th Sts.


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