Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Race in the City - Presidio Trail Run

Presidio Trail Run - Tshirt bw
I joined again in this year's Presidio Trail Run as part of my employer's volunteer event. 

I like this race not only because of their community and social awareness but also the picturesque views along the race. I've posted the views in this blog. Enjoy!

I got to the parking lot near the Presidio Inn at around 7:30am and the day was already looking like a perfect spring day. One of the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge is peeking out of the landscape.
Presidio Trail Run - Golden Gate Bridge 

I picked up my runner's bib and souvenir dry fit tee from the YMCA building and then headed next to the Starting line where we were supposed to have a group picture with the rest of the runners from the company. Here's the view of the walk going to the Starting point.
  Presidio Trail Run - Walking to Starting point 

The race is divided into 1.5 miles race, and the more grueling 5k and 10k race.
  Presidio Trail Run - 1.5 mile runners 

Here's the start of the race for 1.5 miles runners. Lots of families and groups of friends in this group.
  Presidio Trail Run - 1.5 mile runners start 

Here's a pano of the upper Ecology Trail. I did this race the first time last year and I was pleasantly surprised about how beautiful the race was. And I sort of made a mental note that I would like to do this again.
  Presidio Trail Run - Ecology trail upper pano 

Lots of tall trees. Last year, these trees were all stressed out because of the drought.
The very wet winter helped out a lot.
  Presidio Trail Run - Tall trees  

Water station. Thanks, guys!
  Presidio Trail Run - Water cups 

I finally reached the half point of this race. 
This view is from Inspiration Point.
  Presidio Trail Run - Inspiration Point view 

  Here's the view from the Mountain Lake trail. 
I am so thankful that I live in San Francisco where I can be close to nature and still be in the city.
  Presidio Trail Run - Mountain Lake Trail 

Almost to the finish line!
  Presidio Trail Run - Finish line 

I ran into the 5k runners waiting for their turn when I left the race venue.
  Presidio Trail Run - 5k runners 

The Presidio Inn.
  Presidio Trail Run - Presidio Inn

Another cute tee as a souvenir from the race. Thanks, YMCA!
Presidio Trail Run - Tshirt


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