Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Parade in the City - Golden State Warriors victory parade

Dubs - 2017 Champions
The entire Dubnation is rejoicing once again. The Golden State Warriors are 2017 champions!

Eventhough I personally didn't win, it felt like I did. I feel so lucky to be living in the San Francisco Bay Area and to experience several championships, in baseball and basketball, in a decade. This place is truly a city of Champions. Congratulations Dubs!

The previous weeks have been a series of highs and lows. If you are a Golden State Warriors fan, you'd know what I am talking about. Even though the Dubs only lost one game in the entire playoffs and Finals series, there were very close games and those that started rather dismal. But they ended well because I saw their victory parade.
I was working from home that day and took half of the day off. I had an early morning meeting that day. Right after the meeting, I hopped on BART to cross the San Francisco Bay to Oakland. BART was crowded even well after the usual morning rush hour. There were a certain feeling in the air, like it was Christmas all over again. Everyone smiling, everyone giddy. Everyone recounting stories of the past weeks. Everyone has a story to tell.
Dubs - 2017 Champions Bart

Two years ago, the Dubs were also champions and they had their first Victory Parade. Mijo and I were there. We were there early. This year, however, I couldn't be there early because of work commitments. Mijo couldn't be at this year's parade at all so I was going to watch the parade alone.
Dubs - 2017 Champions Banners 
I got there past 10 o'clock already but I was lucky that the parade started late. I waited a few minutes and looked for a place where I can see the parade. There were a bunch of office workers that had just descended from their offices standing on chairs or plastic blocks that they carried with them from their offices. I stood next to them just because they were on an elevated area. It sucks to be short during parades!
  Dubs - 2017 Champions Town Land 
  Dubs - 2017 Champions Authentic Fan Dubs - 2017 Champions Parade watchers Dubs - 2017 Champions Fans

Congrats Dubs! You are the best!!!
  Dubs - 2017 Champions Confetti 

  Dubs - 2017 Champions Defend 

  Dubs - 2017 Champions Crowd 

  Dubs - 2017 Champions Balloons 

Klay Thompson and Matt Barnes.
Dubs - 2017 Champions Thompson Barnes 

Klay Thompson.
  Dubs - 2017 Champions Thompson 

MVP Kevin Durant and David West.
  Dubs - 2017 Champions Durant West 

Andre Iguodala and James McAdoo.
  Dubs - 2017 Champions Iguodala McAdoo 

Shaun Livingston and Patrick McCaw.
  Dubs - 2017 Champions Livingston McCaw 

Ownership float.
  Dubs - 2017 Champions Ownership 

Zaza Pachulia.
  Dubs - 2017 Champions Pachulia 

Javale McGee.
  Dubs - 2017 Champions McGee 

Draymond Green.
  Dubs - 2017 Champions Green 

Steph Curry and Ian Clark.
  Dubs - 2017 Champions Curry Clark 

Steph Curry.
  Dubs - 2017 Champions Curry

Next year again and the year after next?   :)


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