Monday, February 01, 2016

Super Bowl 50 in the City - Virtual Tour of Super Bowl City

Super Bowl City - Market St bw
Super Bowl 50 is here and San Francisco is hosting. This is big deal especially for sports aficionados. 

The city created Superbowl City in busy area of downtown. Here's a virtual tour of the event. 


If you walk along Market St., chances are you will not escape the Super Bowl fever. The city closed off several streets adjacent to the area designated as Super Bowl City. The best way to get to Super Bowl City is BART or the underground Muni. 
Super Bowl City - Market St scene

Here is the map of the event. For this virtual tour, it starts from the Market St entrance which is on Market St. and Main, continues toward the Ferry Building and then turning left toward Justin Herman Plaza and continues on Embarcadero St. toward Mission St.
  Super Bowl City - Event Map 

The lines were long but they all went fast. The event is free of charge but everyone has to go through the metal detectors. There are a special fast lanes for people not carrying bags. I've been told by my friend Dinah that the line at the South side entrance was short.
  Super Bowl City - Entrance 

Super Bowl City - Long line

Lots of 50s dotting the area. 
    Super Bowl City - Market St 

Lots of places for a photo op.
  Super Bowl City - Road to 50 app 

   Macy's Star Zone and Pyro pedals.
  Super Bowl City - Macys Star Zone 

Bud Light Bar and sculpture.
  Super Bowl City - Budlight Bar 

Faces of 50.
Super Bowl City - Faces of 50 

Fan Energy Zone.
  Super Bowl City - Fan Energy Zone 

Fan Dome and lots of activity inside.
  Super Bowl City - Fan Dome 

One of the activities is  the Light Cycle.
  Super Bowl City - Light Cycle 

The High School Honor Roll.
  Super Bowl City - Honor Roll 

The City Stage where Chris Isaak, One Republic and Alicia Keys will have free concerts later this week.
  Super Bowl City - City Stage 

The NFL Network.
  Super Bowl City - NFL Network 

CNN at Super Bowl 50.
  Super Bowl City - CNN 

The Levi's Lot.
  Super Bowl City - Levis 

The Taste of Sonoma.
  Super Bowl City - Taste of Sonoma 

The STEM Innovation.
  Super Bowl City - Stem Zone 

CBS Sports and lots of activities for small kids.
  Super Bowl City - CBS Sports 

I almost missed the Art Walk which features artists like Paul Madonna,
  Super Bowl City - Art Walk Paul Madonna 

Michele De La Menardiere,
  Super Bowl City - Art Walk Michele De La Menardiere 

Eric Rewitzer,
  Super Bowl City - Art Walk Eric Rewitzer 

Chad Hasegawa,
  Super Bowl City - Art Walk Chad Hasegawa 

Annie Galvin,  and more.
  Super Bowl City - Art Walk Annie Galvin 

At night, the scene and the number of crowd seem the same as during the day.
  Super Bowl City - At Night 

The Visa logo is high and well lit.
  Super Bowl City - Visa 

The lighting of the Bay Lights also happened that Saturday evening.
  Super Bowl City - Bay Lights 

The impressive fireworks display by the Bay Bridge.
  Super Bowl City - Fireworks 

  Super Bowl City - Fireworks Display


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