Sunday, January 24, 2016

Coastal scene south of the City - Pacifica Pier

Pacifica Pier - Waves
Mijo and I dropped by the Pacifica Pier to see the giant waves that have been pounding the already damaged portions of its seawall. 

We also had time to walk around the Esplanade Ave. and have a quick lunch and coffee in the town's quaint commercial center.

The falling portions of Pacifica's coastline have been in the local news. High surf and waves have been pounding the already damaged coastline of this quaint town. Seeing the waves on TV is one thing. Seeing it up close is another thing. The waves are truly big and strong and relentless. It is spectacular to see. Though, I had to find a safe area to take pictures.  The danger zones have lots of warning signs and traffic cones and are off limits to the public. In fact, the Pacifica Pier was closed to the public. Please be careful and take lots of precautions when you go there to see the big waves.
Pacifica Pier - Beach Blvd Ave waves

There were lots of people taking pictures and watching nature at work. Mijo and I tried to stay as far as possible.
Pacifica Pier - Beach Blvd

Afterward, Mijo and I walked around the northern side of town, near the town's center. The view from Esplanade Avenue is equally picturesque without the danger. Lots of people jogging and walking up and down the esplanade.
Pacifica Pier - Esplanade Ave looking north 

From here, I could still witness the big waves and still get a view of the pier.  The cold sea breeze never felt so clean, fresh and relaxing.
  Pacifica Pier - Esplanade Ave looking south 

There are lots of signs which are either warnings signs or courtesy reminders. There are also benches if you just want to enjoy the relaxing moment. Which Mijo and I did.
  Pacifica Pier - Esplanade Ave Pick up after your pup Pacifica Pier - Esplanade Ave warning sign Pacifica Pier - Esplanade Ave bench 

We found this fish and chips place called Camelot Fish and Chips and we decided to enjoy a glass of pale ale to pair with a combination fish and chips.
  Camelot Fish and Chips - Lunch 

Afterward, we had coffee and apple fritters at Chit Chat Cafe. Coffee with a view and live music!
  Chitchat Cafe - Live music Chitchat Cafe - Coffee

Pacifica is just a few miles south of San Francisco.


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