Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sleepless in the city

I woke up way too early.
It was 3:52a when I glanced at the alarm clock. The heater was on so it must have been freezing cold inside. We've set it to automatic so that it will only go off when the thermostat registers 36F (approx 2 Celsius) and only at dawn so it would be warm and toasty when we get up.
I decided to pray all over again hoping that it will lull me to sleep. Surprisingly, I was wide awake as if I just had a couple of shots of espresso. This is not a battle that is easy to win, I thought, so I gave up and decided to make this time worthwhile. As I get older, getting over a jet lag seems even harder.
The wood floor was freezing as I walked into the living room. I leafed through last week's magazines to catch up on what's happening in the city and the country. I could sense a mixed feeling of optimism, because of the new administration, and caution because of the shaky economy.

The house was so quiet. It was so quiet I could hear a minute ringing sound, almost deafening. This is so different from where I was two weeks earlier. No more roosters crowing, no more dogs yapping, no more children laughing.
Finally, a faint dark-blue hue started to appear on the horizon. It is almost 7oclock on a saturday morning. I decided to make what would be our first home cooked meal of the year.


(The photo above was taken around the Embarcadero area of San Francisco.)

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