Saturday, January 10, 2015

Panettone in the City - Scarpato Chocolate Pear and Glazed Chestnut

Scarpato Panettone Glazed Chestnut - Can Loaf by roland luistro, on FlickrThe Holiday Season is over and I always feel this tinge of sadness that the most wonderful time of the year go  by so fast. 

During the month of December, we sampled a lot of food and this includes our favorite holiday bread called Panettone. We sampled two different kinds of Panetonne by Scarpato and we totally enjoyed both!

We chanced upon these delicious treats at the Williams-Sonoma store in San Francisco's Union Square. Mijo and I were looking for simple gifts and a friendly sales staff recommended the Scarpato Panettone Chocolate Pear. She said one of the sales staffs bought one and this sales staff let them sample this particular variation which the staff liked better.  Apparently, there is another Panettone variety, one with glazed chestnut is also sold at the store.

Guess what? I decided to buy both so Mijo and I can judge which Scarpato Panettone is better.

The first one we opened is the Chocolate Pear. It came in a red box with a gold lid and a label. It looked so old world which is an added bonus. This panettone is actually much larger than the usual panettone I've had before.
Scarpato Panettone Chocolate Pear - Box

The large loaf was sealed in a plastic bag.
Scarpato Panettone Chocolate Pear - Box Loaf

The scent of fresh bread and fruits filled the kitchen as soon as I opened the bag. It was really big! Chocolate bits dotted the surface.
Scarpato Panettone Chocolate Pear - Whole Loaf

It was also fluffy and airy to the touch which was surprising because but the entire loaf is heavy so I had originally thought the bread was solid. The panettone was moist and the chocolate bits created a fuller flavor. A very different panettone flavor.
Scarpato Panettone Chocolate Pear - Loaf

The fuller flavor is further enhanced when I paired it with Starbuck's Holiday Blend drip coffee.
Scarpato Panettone Chocolate Pear - Slices

The second one we sampled was the one with glazed chestnuts, also by Scarpato.
This one came in a beautiful red tin can. 
Scarpato Panettone Glazed Chestnut - Can

It also came in sealed in a plastic bag, just like the one with Chocolate and Pear.
Scarpato Panettone Glazed Chestnut - Can Loaf

This one is a bit lighter in color and glazed chestnuts dotted the surface. It was tempting to pick the chestnut to try them.
Scarpato Panettone Glazed Chestnut - Loaf

The same fluffy and moist characteristics I found in the Chocolate and Pear variety but less fuller in flavor but more fruit forward. Not sweet at all and this is why I was able to fully taste the flavor of this bread. So delicious!
Scarpato Panettone Glazed Chestnut - Slice

I finally picked a glazed chestnut.
Scarpato Panettone Glazed Chestnut - Chestnut

After the side by side tasting, the verdict is that both Panettones are tasty. They maybe both Panettones from the same Scarpato brand but they are so different in flavor and packaging that it is not easy to choose one over the other.

Overall, I am delighted to have tasted this brand of Panettone. I'll look for this again next holiday season!


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